Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just wanted to share my excitement that the White Sox beat the Twins in the tie-breaker game tonight. Making them the AL Central Division Champs! Sweet yo! Here we come World Series!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I ran my first half marathon Saturday - the Champoeg Half Marathon. I was very nervous about it on more levels than one...but I am happy to report that I'm very pleased with my results! The goal was to run it in 2:10 and I ended up running it in 1:52:44. I ranked #2 in my age group (keep in mind there were only 158 runners and only 15 in my age group - nothing exceptional by all means) . It was a difficult run but I felt great the whole time...until after the race when my stomach decided to have a mutiny against my body. Do any of the other runners out there have stomach "issues" after their long runs? Sorry, that might be too much information.



Showing off my cool metal - the one they hand out to all the runners (no importance on time)

Sweat Shot!

My Biggest Fan! (He was unable to attend my race because he had stupid work...BOO!)

I really wouldn't have been able to do it without Wyatt. He has been my Runner's Widower for the last few months and I am so grateful that he's been patient with my running - and with me. Thanks for making me dinner! And waiting until 9pm to eat dinner with me! And thanks for making sure I ate the right foods (constantly reminding me that I need "more food" and "more carbs")! And thanks for meeting me in the middle of my long runs with some water! And thanks for sacrificing your Friday nights for my running!

Now I'm addicted...maybe a few more half-marathons and maybe when I'm 50 I'll do the real deal. We'll see.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blogging Etiquette

I'm a firm believer in reciprocation - if someone does something nice for me, I need to be willing to do something nice for them. I also feel the Golden Rule is an important rule...if not the most important rule. And of course there's Karma - to the extent that what goes around...comes around.

Having said all that - I haven't really "practiced what I've preached." That's right, I'm calling myself a hypocrite. I know there are no official written rules about blogging. However, in my mind I've always felt like it was an unwritten rule - or rather good sportsmanship - to comment on fellow bloggers blogs...especially those who comment on my own. Am I alone in this thought process? Don't get me wrong and feel like I keep a tally of everyone who does or does not comment on my blog. This isn't me calling anyone out, - just myself. I really have dropped the ball on this one.

But before you send me to the dogs, let me plead my case.

1. Google Reader. Does anyone else use this? I LOVE IT!!!! It sends an RSS feed every time someone posts something new on their blog. This way I never have to make several unneccessary trips to hundreds (that might be an exagheration) of blogs to see if they made a new post. Instead I click on my igoogle account and view all the lastest post in one full swoop. NICE! So I do read your blog...how do you know? If you're reading my blog I can gaurantee I'm reading yours...even if your name isn't listed on my sidebar. That's right, I'm stalking you!

2. Work. You would think with the convenience of Google Reader that it'd be easier to post a comment on your blog. Not the case. My work frowns apon personal internet use. (Imagine that!) I'm sure it doesn't make sense to you, "so she can read our blogs at work but she can't comment on them?" Commenting on a blog is a little more obvious. Clicking on igoogle (aka: google.com) is a little more subtle.

3. Too much computer. Let's be honest. After staring at a computer for 10-hours a day the last thing I want to do when I get home is stare at it some more. Not that you're not important to me...but really. My eyes are tired! Plus at this point I have already forgotten who's blog I read for the day and who's blog I need to comment on.

4. Just plain lazy.

Yep, it's pretty selfish of me to take, take, take...always reading and never commenting. I'm sorry. I really am. Will this change my future behavior? I can't make any promises. I will try to get back to the blogging etiquette...but if I'm not successful - please don't block me from your blog. It's my little bit of sunshine during my bleak days at work.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blackberry Pie

One reason I LOVE living in the Northwest...Blackberry Pie! Oh yeah!

(I need to stop brushing the crust with egg whites...it makes it look like it's burnt. Lame.)

Friday, September 5, 2008


As I'm sure most of you know my work has started a trial 10-hour, 4-day work schedule. I know, the majority of all your reactions right now is, "I wish my work would do that!" I get this same response from everyone. I'm not going to deny the fact that indeed it is nice to have a three-day weekend. However, four days of the week I am met with a lot of stress. One can certainly make the argument that the extra day can be used to "get things done." It is a valid argument but some things can't wait until Friday to be done. Things like church callings, dinner, running and other extra curricular activities. My schedule is this: get home from work at 6:45pm, go running, shower, and finally at 8 or 8:30pm (depending on the distance of the run) I can sit down for dinner (which Wyatt usually makes for me - what a stud!). Leaving about three hours to enjoy myself, my time with Wyatt or try and attack something on my list of things to do. If my week is anything like this past week, I have other obligations after work (right after work at 7pm) and I don't get home until 10pm or so. (This whole new schedule explains the long lulls in my blog writing). Do you see my frustration in the situation? I will be the first to admit that I do not adapt to change easily. And I know that I have grown very used to my past schedule of grocery shopping, doing laundry and cleaning the house on the weeknights. Maybe I'm a bit old school but I really like the idea of spreading chores out throughout the week rather than designating one day to tackle them all. It's a bit overwhelming if you ask me. I know, I know, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Like I said...I'm adjusting.