Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011

Well, I couldn't very well let my favorite day of the year pass without recognizing it. Especially since this is what the forecast was for the day:

And this is what we got:

And this is how I felt about it:


Let me just say, it was a summer miracle! Today would mark the second day in 2011 that the temperature exceeded 80-degrees. That was not a typo people, I did write "second"!

Now I find myself in a conundrum: Am I excited that the summer is here? Hopefully implying that warmer weather will accompany it? Or am I sad because the days will now be getting shorter? Perhaps if I lived somewhere that experienced summer temps pre-4th-of-July, I might not find myself awake at night analyzing the situation.

And for the record, my beloved swim park opened on Saturday (only to close early "due to inclement weather" - people, it has be BAD here! La Nina is out to make my life miserable!)! I've been scratching at the door for so long Wyatt finally had to take the leash off and let me run loose. Despite the fact that he has finals to study for this week, he took the trip to the park with me...twice! Happy day!

Wyatt + Brittany = Love

Wyatt + Brittany + Swim Park = True Love