Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pleasantly Plump

I like to joke that Ro is "pleasantly plump."  He is big for his age, which is now three-months.  I recently swapped all his three-month clothes for his six-month clothes.  He won't have an appointment until he's four-months, so I won't know until then how big he really is.  Though, I can tell he weighs more than he did a couple of weeks ago.  I finally bought a brace for my left wrist because it was hurting so bad.  Who knew having a baby could cause physical pain in the most peculiar places?  I'm hoping to have fully toned arms by the time he turns one-year.  Ha!  That'd be a first!

Notice Pangi photobombing in the background?  Love it!

Ro went on his first flight last week to Utah for Thanksgiving and did awesome!  Barely a peep from him to SLC and minimal fussing on the return flight to PDX.  I think he likes flying, just like his mom and the rest of the Nichols crew.  And kudos to his parents for not being "those parents" (as my flight attendant momma says) that pack everything plus the kitchen sink when they fly with kids.  One checked bag, a checked car seat, and two carry-on backpacks.  And I will say here, my opinion of Southwest is slowly turning.  I still dislike their cattle call process of getting people onto the plane.  But, I can't complain about free checked bags.  Now that we have baby in tow, it's something that came in very handy!  Plus, since we did have kiddo, we were able to board the plane after the A group anyway.  So, it wasn't so bad.  I might venture to fly them again...on purpose!  

Speaking of planes, I am totally against the FAA allowing cell phone use on the plane.  It is the one place where people aren't (as) glued to their phones...because they can't be.  It is the best excuse in the world for why you can do something other than be on your phone!  Wyatt being devils advocate pointed out that business people might benefit from having cell phone use.  I disagree, there is no better excuse to be unplugged from the world.  "How come you didn't reply to that urgent email?"  "Because I couldn't!"  Wyatt also pointed out you can't talk on the phone on the plane because of the lack of service.  So far... It's only a matter of time.  I just think this is a slippery slope.  If the FAA opens the gates, the floods will come.  

And I digress... Anyway, Ro is awesome!  We're still in love with him!  Sometimes I just want to love him, and squeeze him, and hug him so tight.  But I don't, because he might suffocate.  Instead I just hold him properly like a good mom...  And squeeze him a little. 

Best Christmas present ever!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ro Turns Two...Months

I reached a proud motherhood moment...I was successfully able to keep my baby alive for two months!  I know, I'm sure many of you had big money wagered against me. I know I would've.  There were some instances where I thought for sure I'd be fired as a mother.  One of which was on the second day of Ro's life, in the hospital.  It was the middle of the night and I was trying to position him to nurse.  When next thing I know he's plummeting head first toward the tile floor.  Luckily I was able to snatch him by his ankle and save the day.  I still shudder when I replay the incident in my mind.  Yikes!  

Ro had his two-month appointment last week.  He's maintaining his thickness and big-headedness (literally, not figuratively) quite well.  Ro weighed in at 13-pounds and one ounce (94%).  He's 24-inches tall (86%), and has a 17-inch head (99%).  Can I just say here how much I LOVE Ro's pediatrician?  Seriously, the man is among the elite!  You can tell how much he loves babies because he will hold Ro the entire duration of our appointment.  And he's changed Ro's poopy diaper, twice...with zero prodding from me.  And he didn't laugh at my face when I asked him if it was okay to take Ro on "walks" (runs) in the cold.  (I seriously slap my own forehead when I think how I actually asked him that!)  I would live in Oregon forever just so all my kids could have Dr. Craft as their doctor.  

Ro's had several homespun photo sessions.  Seven alone were of him in his blessing outfit.  I was trying to mimic my friend's kid's blessing outfit photos (that her professional photographer sister took).  I failed, miserably, seven times...  Do you know how hard it is to get natural light in Oregon?  And then there was an eighth photo session of Ro with Nuper for his two-month birthday.  

We're slowly getting in a routine over here.  Ro's feeding schedule is a lot more predictable and he usually only wakes once in the night to feed.  He's slept seven-hours straight a few times.  Which I will confess, I woke him each of those times to feed him because I was worried that he would starve.  Again, I am grateful the advise nurse didn't laugh into the phone when I asked her if it was okay for him to sleep through the night.  You guys, I am clueless when it comes to babies!  It'll be amazing if Ro grows up to be a normal human being.

Regardless of all my foolish mothering, things here are great. I am happy.  Ro is cute.  And Wyatt has to bring home the bacon, sort of.  Life is good.  

PS - Did I mention that Ro was a hotdog for Halloween?  He was really good at being in character.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Roosevelt Wyatt Wilson

Wyatt and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy on Friday, August 30, 2013.  Roosevelt Wyatt Wilson was welcomed to the world at 1:21am.  He was 9lbs 9oz, 21.5-inches, with a 15-inch head circumference   I've documented his labor and delivery in my journal, so I will spare you the details.  I'll just let you know that Ro's delivery was hardest thing I've ever done in my life.  Note his head circumference above... yeah, hands down the hardest thing.

Wyatt and I are over-the-moon in love with this little man!  Ro is a very good baby...and I stress very good.  Seriously, he only fusses if he needs something and even then that's a rarity.  He's a good eater and a pretty decent sleeper.  He's super mellow and has a very even temperament.  I feel beyond blessed that Heavenly Father saw fit to send him to us.  It's just a testimony to me that Heavenly Father knows each of us individually.  He knew that I needed an easy baby to "ease" me into motherhood.  Because I'll be honest, as good of a baby Ro is, I still feel like I can't hack it.  Being a mother has been an extremely difficult emotional/mental adjustment for me.  Even so, as hard as things have been, I wouldn't change anything.  It's just the growing pains that come with this new chapter in my life.  Things have gotten better with each new day...

Speaking of new days, there have been 30 since Ro was born!  That's right, our little man turned one-month old today!  I thought I'd follow suit with all the other growing babes out there and document his first 12-months of life through pictures.

Roosevelt with Nuper, one-month old

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Large and in Charge

For those of you who are wondering if the babe has made his debut or not... he has not.  I am on the cusp of being 40-weeks pregnant.  THIS Thursday, the 22nd, is his official due date.  But let's be honest, isn't that an arbitrary number anyway?  Isn't it a rough guideline for pregnant women to know there will be an end to their misery?  Yes it is... but try telling a 40-week pregnant woman that!  There may or may not be an emotional breakdown on my part if Baby Wilson is not in my arms come Thursday.  

Truthfully, I might be okay if he is not in my arms.  My panic attacks fluctuate between the thought of being pregnant the rest of my life (because lets be honest, at this point I feel like I will be), and the thought of being a mom.  My brain explodes when I try to comprehend what it will be like to have three in the Wyatt Wilson family.  And, to be even more honest, I have plans to spend my afternoon reading a book at the swim park on Friday.  Having a baby is just too inconvenient for me this weekend.  Monday the 26th seems like a far more convenient day to have a baby. 

We'll see.  At this point in time Baby Wilson is showing ZERO signs of wanting to meet the world.  I plan on him being fashionably late, by force, come the 29th. 

Stay tuned...

39-weeks pregnant, at my beloved swim park
Notice Wyatt showing off his 39-week belly?

Friday, June 14, 2013

7.5 Months

So, I’m pregnant.  I realize what a cruel trick I’ve played on my bloggy readers – keeping this bit of information to myself.  But before you throw me to the wolves, remember I am with child.  And (!) in my defense, I have had great intentions of sharing this with you.  Truly, I have!  You know how it goes, life – it gets in the way.  So here I am at 7.5-months spilling the beans.  Please don't hate me.

Here’s what I look like at 30-weeks:
Look at my little tomato plant in the blue pot!

 And what I looked like at 28-weeks:

Did you notice the growth spurt I encountered the last two weeks?!  I’m not kidding, I do not have enough fingers and toes (including baby's) to count how many times someone has commented on my new size.  One of my coworkers asked me if I was having twins.  Nice.  For the most part I don’t care.  I’m pregnant, what do I expect?

I suppose I have kept this little bit of information to myself in part because of my history regarding the subject.  It's been a challenging road, one which we've cautiously walked.  One which we still cautiously walk... Will I ever stop worrying?  Probably not, that's what parents do, right?

I will just say, despite my fears, I can hardly wait to meet this little babe!  We can hardly wait to meet this little babe!  He's a boy.  At least that's what the evidence suggests him to be... but I guess they've been known to be wrong from time-to-time.  I'm not sure how possible that is in this case.  It seems to me that he is obviously a boy.  That's what we're anticipating, so let's hope so.

Baby Boy Wilson, due August 2013.  (But expected September 2013.  He's a Wilson, nearly all Wilson's are born in September.)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I'm at work, bored.  Not because I don't have anything to do... I have plenty to do.  I simply don't want to do it.  So I thought I'd update the ol' blog instead of subject myself to more boredom. Here's a list of a few things La Flaca (and El Guapon) have been up to:

Ward Open Class Pinewood Derby
Back in February, the Cub Scouts in our ward opened the floor for all to participate in their annual Pinewood Derby.  The week leading up to the derby was chalk full of after-work busyness, so I invested a total of one-hour of work into my car.  One-hour which included cutting, sanding, painting, decaling (the handmade foil windows that is), and adding weight.  My work paid off!  I walked away from the race with fourth place.  I might've been awarded something higher had my car not spontaneously jumped the track, costing me 1st place (for that particular race). 

Wyatt invested several hours in his car.  He didn't place... I feel smug and bad at the same time.  Mostly smug.

Night Skiing
Wyatt and I decided to take advantage of a buy-one-get-one-free night skiing coupon we had.  As much as I love skiing, I am a fair-weather skiier.  I hate night skiing.  It's always cold, dark, and usually icy.  However, on this particular trip, I was pleasantly surprised!  We celebrated Valentine's Day on the slopes, and it couldn't have been a more perfect night celebrating with my sweetheart.  It was warm'ish, clear, and the snow wasn't that bad.  I had a blast!  And I was left to wonder, why don't we do this more often?  I love skiing!  Oh yeah, ticket prices are comparable to a small mortgage payment.  At least we own our equipment!  We'd have to pawn our first child if we didn't...

Spider Spotting, Part II
Remember this guy?  Well, his cousin showed up in my shower last month.  Again, I was in my birthday suit (I was getting ready to take a shower!).  However, this time Wyatt was home... except he was sleeping.  I announced that there was a spider in my shower, and Wyatt simply stated that he was sleeping and rolled under the covers.  Clearly I was left to fight the battle alone.  (I wonder what kind of reaction Wyatt would give if there were a dragon in my shower!)  So I scooped the little guy in a giant cup and left him locked up until I was dressed for the day.  At which point I happily released him into the wild.  I felt pretty good about my decision to let him live, especially after the guilt I felt after I left his cousin in captivity last time.  

Sharky Goes to San Diego
Sharky is my stuffed pet shark.  I know, I'm a full-grown adult but I LOVE this little guy!  He accompanied us on our Spring Break trip to San Diego last week.  He's become quite the traveler, visiting such far off lands as Mexico, Utah, Idaho, and Washington.  Sharky pulled all stops and got his party on - just look at him in his hat!  The highlight of the trip, when he got to meet the Bat Rays at Sea World.

The Wilsons Go to San Diego
I wasn't going to let Sharky go to San Diego alone!  Wyatt and I headed south with some friends to celebrate Spring Break.  We drove.  Something I hope to never do again.  Okay, it wasn't that bad.  It's just a LONG time to be in the car - even if it was with people I like.  We hit-up popular San Diego hot spots, including the beach (La Jolla was my fav), the San Diego temple, Sea World, and the world famous zoo... where we got to see the baby panda!  Happy day!!!   

Of course, what is Spring Break without any whale tails?  We saw those too on our whale watching boat tour. 

SD Temple

Momma Panda (baby was in the tree)

Humpback whale tail

Finally, Punxsutawney Phil Gets it Right
I know that the rest of the country is up in arms about the lack of spring they're experiencing.  But things have been different here in the Pacific Northwest.  We have been experiencing unusual warm, sunny days.  Do you hear me?!  My bloggy readers, we've had WARM, SUNNY days!!!  It's been heavenly!  I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic, prepared for the inevitable.  But I am beside myself and can't help but jump for joy!!!  It was 75d and SUNNY on Easter Sunday!  We didn't have to hunt for eggs in the rain!  I have a theory that the PNW is on track for mild springs/warm summers the next few years.  Seeing that the past four have been wet, wet, wet, and cool.  Finally, it's our turn!!!

My beloved Lake Oswego 
(Courtesy of Jen, from her morning run on Monday.  Which is exactly what the lake looked like on my morning run on Monday... only slightly darker since it was earlier in the morning.)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Live Spider

I received a visit from an unexpected visitor yesterday.  I was in my bathroom, clad in my birthday suit - when out of nowhere it appears.  Dangling.  Taunting me with its eight legs, knowing full well I wasn't going to kill it in the buff.  Such a clever creature.  Instead I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a giant yellow cup, swooped my unwanted guest into said cup, and covered it with the heaviest book I could find under urgent circumstances - Jane Austen, The Complete Novels.  I then left the following note for my roommate: "Live spider - do not let loose."  And off to work I went...

When I got home from work I found an empty yellow cup with the following note:

Wyatt admitted later that he released the spider into the wild.  I'm glad he did.  Honestly, I was starting to feel pretty guilty that I trapped him in the first place.  I couldn't imagine leaving him captive all day, only to kill him.  Run free little friend!