Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I'm at work, bored.  Not because I don't have anything to do... I have plenty to do.  I simply don't want to do it.  So I thought I'd update the ol' blog instead of subject myself to more boredom. Here's a list of a few things La Flaca (and El Guapon) have been up to:

Ward Open Class Pinewood Derby
Back in February, the Cub Scouts in our ward opened the floor for all to participate in their annual Pinewood Derby.  The week leading up to the derby was chalk full of after-work busyness, so I invested a total of one-hour of work into my car.  One-hour which included cutting, sanding, painting, decaling (the handmade foil windows that is), and adding weight.  My work paid off!  I walked away from the race with fourth place.  I might've been awarded something higher had my car not spontaneously jumped the track, costing me 1st place (for that particular race). 

Wyatt invested several hours in his car.  He didn't place... I feel smug and bad at the same time.  Mostly smug.

Night Skiing
Wyatt and I decided to take advantage of a buy-one-get-one-free night skiing coupon we had.  As much as I love skiing, I am a fair-weather skiier.  I hate night skiing.  It's always cold, dark, and usually icy.  However, on this particular trip, I was pleasantly surprised!  We celebrated Valentine's Day on the slopes, and it couldn't have been a more perfect night celebrating with my sweetheart.  It was warm'ish, clear, and the snow wasn't that bad.  I had a blast!  And I was left to wonder, why don't we do this more often?  I love skiing!  Oh yeah, ticket prices are comparable to a small mortgage payment.  At least we own our equipment!  We'd have to pawn our first child if we didn't...

Spider Spotting, Part II
Remember this guy?  Well, his cousin showed up in my shower last month.  Again, I was in my birthday suit (I was getting ready to take a shower!).  However, this time Wyatt was home... except he was sleeping.  I announced that there was a spider in my shower, and Wyatt simply stated that he was sleeping and rolled under the covers.  Clearly I was left to fight the battle alone.  (I wonder what kind of reaction Wyatt would give if there were a dragon in my shower!)  So I scooped the little guy in a giant cup and left him locked up until I was dressed for the day.  At which point I happily released him into the wild.  I felt pretty good about my decision to let him live, especially after the guilt I felt after I left his cousin in captivity last time.  

Sharky Goes to San Diego
Sharky is my stuffed pet shark.  I know, I'm a full-grown adult but I LOVE this little guy!  He accompanied us on our Spring Break trip to San Diego last week.  He's become quite the traveler, visiting such far off lands as Mexico, Utah, Idaho, and Washington.  Sharky pulled all stops and got his party on - just look at him in his hat!  The highlight of the trip, when he got to meet the Bat Rays at Sea World.

The Wilsons Go to San Diego
I wasn't going to let Sharky go to San Diego alone!  Wyatt and I headed south with some friends to celebrate Spring Break.  We drove.  Something I hope to never do again.  Okay, it wasn't that bad.  It's just a LONG time to be in the car - even if it was with people I like.  We hit-up popular San Diego hot spots, including the beach (La Jolla was my fav), the San Diego temple, Sea World, and the world famous zoo... where we got to see the baby panda!  Happy day!!!   

Of course, what is Spring Break without any whale tails?  We saw those too on our whale watching boat tour. 

SD Temple

Momma Panda (baby was in the tree)

Humpback whale tail

Finally, Punxsutawney Phil Gets it Right
I know that the rest of the country is up in arms about the lack of spring they're experiencing.  But things have been different here in the Pacific Northwest.  We have been experiencing unusual warm, sunny days.  Do you hear me?!  My bloggy readers, we've had WARM, SUNNY days!!!  It's been heavenly!  I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic, prepared for the inevitable.  But I am beside myself and can't help but jump for joy!!!  It was 75d and SUNNY on Easter Sunday!  We didn't have to hunt for eggs in the rain!  I have a theory that the PNW is on track for mild springs/warm summers the next few years.  Seeing that the past four have been wet, wet, wet, and cool.  Finally, it's our turn!!!

My beloved Lake Oswego 
(Courtesy of Jen, from her morning run on Monday.  Which is exactly what the lake looked like on my morning run on Monday... only slightly darker since it was earlier in the morning.)


Josette said...

first, the catch and release spider thing boggles my mind.
way to go on your pinewood derby car. my sister's boys win every year and the people hate them for it.
glad you got to get away. those pandas are dang cute.
i use to ski.
sooooo glad your weather is good. ours is too and it is divine.
keep blogging.
i am so sad for my blog and i.

Gel said...

So I finally looked at your blog and you came to San Diego?ya! I'm so glad you got to see the panda! The baby is so cute right! Well next time you are here call us we would love to see you!

Andrea said...

That was very responsible of you to make sure Sharky was accompanied. Who knows what havoc he might have wreaked had he encountered seals or sea lions!!...I think of you often, my friend--more than you would believe. Miss you!