Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Like Mom

Momma, Me and MIL

I've finally come to that point in my life where I have become my mom...almost. Give me a couple of years, a few kids and I might be a spitting image. Or rather a talking replica. I've caught myself the last few months blurting out the exact phrases I grew-up hearing my mom say. The one phrase that caught me off guard and in turn, started my tally of "mom phrases" was this: "There's food to eat at home." I hated it when my mom said this as a kid. For one, it meant that eating out was out of the question. And it also meant that I had to be a little more creative on what was for dinner by searching the barren cupboards for something edible. Okay, the latter was a bit of an exaggeration. We always had food in the cupboards - it just wasn't instant food. I said this to Wyatt a while ago when he asked me if I wanted to eat out. To my defense, I had just gotten home from being at the grocery store. Sad to say, I've said it more than once since the first incident. Here are a couple other phrases/thoughts/behavior I've inherited from my mom:

1. "Put the dishes in the dishwasher"
2. "Close the shower curtain - it'll get moldy if you don't"
3. "Ripped my head off" (in reference to encountering wind when I walk out the door)
4. "It lacerated my mouth"
5. my obsession of cleaning
6. my ability to pray for a long time (I hated this when I was a kid...Wyatt's not too fond of it either)
7. my ability to leave long voice messages
8. waking up at ridiculous hours in the morning (4am) to go running - okay, this one is a lie. My mom is alone in her craziness on this one. I'm lucky if I can get up at 7am for work.
9. my love for doughnuts
10. "Killerdog" as in, "it was a killerdog day at work" or "that was a killerdog run" - to be hard, difficult, long (I am still working on incorporating this into my vocabulary more)

And one from my mum-in-law:
"there's some in the fridge that needs to be eaten" - Wyatt said this was a precursor to the type of meal he was going to eat and is still hesitant to eat the end result after hearing that phrase

Wait until after I have a couple kids and I just might say, "My Way", in reference in how to clean the bathroom, kitchen, family room, etc.

I love you mom!

Do you have any phrases you've inherited from your parents?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We Have a Winner!!!

The ballots are in and the winner of my Product Description writing contest is ready to be announced.    And the winner is Charlotte!  The vote was completely anonymous, seeing that Wyatt hasn't been connected to the WWW in over a week, due to his week long motorcycle trip with his dad.  So when I presented him with the contestant's entries - he didn't know who's was who's. Well done Charlotte!  You'd be great at my job!  As for the prize, as promised it is something from my are the new owner of Philips SHE9501 in-ear headphones!  For a more detailed description you can check them out here.  (I am sad to say that I did not write the product description for the headphones - mine would've been 100% better).  Charlotte, please email me ( your address and your new headphones will be on their way!  And thanks to all for taking part in my contest - I enjoyed reading all your descriptions!

I asked Wyatt to take a picture of the headphones...this is what he provided me with.  Interesting...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So we're officially one month into summer - which means we are a third of the way through it. And I am panicked! I know, I still have more than half of the season to enjoy but in my mind it's basically over. I guess I am just so excited that it's here - the thought of it leaving is so depressing to me. Three months is not long enough! I haven't even gone camping! Or gone on any exciting summer vacation for that matter. Dear Summer, if you're reading this, will you please extend your stay for a few months? Please? Think "Indian Summer". I'll let you think about it...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Job (and a contest!!!!)

Some days I feel like I have a pretty cool job. And other days...I feel like I can throw-up while I'm doing my job. I tell myself that it is normal to hate one's job sometimes and like it other times. I mean, really, who LOVES their job all the time?!!! I want to meet the crazies out there that can hardly wait for Monday to arrive.

Anyway, one part of my job is to write product descriptions for the products we sell on Amazon. I have written a product description for headphones, remote controls, cordless phones, guitars, hair clippers, calculators, digital picture frames, antennas, iPhone cases - just to name a few. Sometimes writing the descriptions is really easy and takes little thought. That's not me bragging. The truth of the matter is that the level of easiness depends on the amount of information I get from the manufacturer. The majority of the time, it's not very easy at all. And sometimes I feel the same way I did when I was in school -when I sat down to write a paper. (Imagine writting an essay every day at work). The majority of the time it's a matter of me taking the few (and I mean few) features the manufacturers list on the spec sheets and turning it into a full page description. Here is an example of the list of features I received the other day to write a detailed product description for a cell phone car charger. And by "detailed" I mean at least two paragraphs of description.

Product Features: Powers phone from vehicle; adjustable flexible head; green LED light to indicate charging; connectors included to enable rapid charging of various Blackberry/Treo models; lifetime warranty.

Not that I'm trying to skirt my duties but it's a cell phone car charger! How much detail does one need for the product?!!!! Maybe I'm upset because I lack in the creative realm. Maybe I am bitter that I struggle to squeeze two paragraphs out of three measly features.

I've decided to challenge my readers (I think I'm down to two now) to participate in the contest I'm hosting. I don't have a creative name for it, so I will just call it, "Product Description Writing Contest". The rules are you have to write at least one paragraph (8 sentences) describing the product I've outlined below I'll pick the top three (if I get that many) and Wyatt will pick the grand prize winner. Contest ends next Sunday the 27th. The winner will receive the prize of my choice, probably one of the products I've written a description for in the past. You're welcome to visit Amazon to get some ideas. Good luck!

Widget WD7649BL
compact size, orange LED light, automatic on/off, AC and battery (2 AAA) powered, retractable cable, semi-glossy finish, ergonomic shape, rotary dial

PS - if you don't participate, I won't feel bad. If it were me, I'd avoid this contest like the black plague.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Weekend Getaway


In order to celebrate our one year anniversary, Wyatt and I headed south for the weekend. Here is what we did:

Got a personal tour of the Harry and David factory, which included a full tour of the factory, free samples of Moose Munch and truffles AND finished off with a gift basket of pears, candy and chocolates (which ended up melting into one glob of chocolate).

Cruised around Crescent City, CA - it's not as glamorous as it sounds...

Wyatt and I peaking through the many, many fern bushes...

Modeling off one of the many big tress

More big trees...

Inside the Oregon Caves

Wyatt eating the Oregon Caves

More Oregon Caves

Look at that view...and Wyatt and me acting stoic

The itty-bitty Medford Temple

As well as this picture turned out, I wish it could show how amazing Crater Lake really is. My breath was literally taken away. I really didn't expect to be in love with this lake after I visited it. But I am!

Cool Picture

Crater Lake license plates in Crater Lake!

Demonstrating the crystal clear water. (Wyatt's naked).

Nice View