Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Here's a little something that has been occupying the majority of my iPhone time:

Look at those little paws! And those flippy-floppies! I have watched this video an undisclosed (e.g. 100+ ) amount of times the past few days. One might say that I'm on the ledge about to jump into the obsession category. I'm pretty sure if I was in close proximity to a baby sea otter I might exhibit some of the same characteristics as one Elmyra Duff.

Apparently it's illegal to own a baby sea otter. Or regular-sized sea otter for that matter. It seems as though people are a bit fearful of the everyday commoner owning a wild animal. I have no idea why one would be afraid of their next door neighbor owning an wild animal?!!!

Even so, I've told Wyatt that I want one to live in our bathtub. I don't think he realizes I'm serious because he just laughs. Or maybe it's a nervous laugh... I made my friend Tessa, who is visiting Alaska this Spring, promise me she will "grab the baby from it's mother's clutches" and bring it home to me for my very own!

Soon you will be mine baby sea otter!!!

Another video viewed an unusually high amount of times:

Wyatt and I LOVE the dancing!

And you thought I was going to debut with something clever...