Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ryan Carlson

This one is for our friend Ryan Carlson. February 28th marks his 32nd birthday! For those of you who didn't know already, Ryan introduced Wyatt and me. So in hopes to return the favor we are in search for Ryan's wife. So for anyone who is a single woman or knows a single woman, this is for you! I've even made it easy for you to "sell" Ryan to the single ladies by making an acronym out of his name:

R - Ryan
Y - Yak, as in not a yak
A - Awesome
N - Narcoleptic

Okay, he's not narcoleptic. But he was half a day from being born on leap year. Which means he'd only be eight. But he's not eight, remember, he's 32. Here are some things about Ryan that are true. He is witty, many people have told him that he reminds them of David Spade. He's kind, friendly, motivated, driven, dresses nice, spiritual, generous (he donated all his old pots and pans to our cause, which some day we will donate back to him), fit and spends money on girls (in reference to dates - not what you may have been thinking). Hopefully that'll be enough selling points for you to have for your single ladies. There is one stipulation, his future wife needs to be 5'7" or shorter. He lives in Seattle but for the right girl - distance is not an issue. So get crack'n so Ryan can get hitched!

In case you're a single woman and happen to be in the neighborhood - feel free to stop by for his party...

The other Ryan is available too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008


This post is to serve the purpose as an advertisement for our friend Jen. Jen is a great photographer looking for opportunities to expand her portfolio and gain more experience. So for any of you who are looking for someone to take your pictures...check her out here. Below are some samples of the pictures she took of us last weekend. I think they look great...but then maybe I just like looking at pictures of Wyatt and me. No really, I think she did a great job! Thanks Jen!

A little advertisement for horse racing at Arlington Park...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Presidents Day

For whatever reason my work has Presidents Day as one of our many paid holidays. To be honest, I thought it was strange at first and was a bit disappointed, merely because it's in the middle of February! I would rather have 4th of July Eve off or something. However, my paid holiday (and Wyatt's sick day) turned out to be a great holiday. We decided to take advantage of our time off and go skiing! The pictures tell the story of what a beautiful day it was! Warm (except for the gusts of freezing wind) and sunny! The snow was crappy icy but we didn't care. It was still a fun day!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Hot Light

Krispy Kreme is officially on my black list! Wyatt and I went to KK Thursday while the hot light was on and we eagerly waited (maybe it was just me "eagerly waiting") in line to receive our free hot doughnuts. Finally, after a few minutes of drooling at the scrumptious doughnuts on the conveyor belt - we were handed a bit-size sample of what was at one point a hot doughnut. The thing was probably the equivalent to the size of 1/16th of a doughnut. Maybe I have been misguided my whole life but isn't the point of the "Hot Light" to inform passer-byers that hot doughnuts are made and if they choose they can have a free tasty sample?!!!! The KK worker said that it was a national implementation and that all KK's have discontinued the free samples. Isn't that against all of Krispy Kreme's values?!!! Then he tried to make it sound like we were lucky because that KK franchise still gave out samples...LAME samples! I'm not so sure if his story of a "company wide policy" checks out or not, my guess is that his franchise is just CHEAP and doesn't want to give away free doughnuts to free loaders. I admit, I have been known to be a KK free loader from time to time. But I have also bought my fair share of doughnuts other times to make up the difference. So I have decided to boycott KK until the next time I go there... Okay, let's be honest, as heart-breaking news as it is to never taste of a free hot doughnut again...I just can't stay away.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

I couldn't post on Valentines Day and not mention my Valentine - Wyatt. Personally, I think Valentines Day is a commercial holiday. Having said that, I'm going to share a non-mushy fact about Wyatt. One of my favorite things about Wyatt is that he makes me laugh. I can be happy, sad, mad, irritable, tired or sick and he always knows how to put a smile on my face! I am grateful for this because I LOVE to laugh and it really does make the bleak times a hundred times better! Thanks for lightening up our lives babe! I heart you!

Happy 1/2 Birthday to Me!!!!

I realize that the majority of the population observes this day as Valentines Day. But it is much more to is my half birthday! I am officially 25.5 years old today. Happy day for me! I know what you're thinking, "who really celebrates their half birthday?" I'll have you know when I was 14 1/2 my mom threw me a surprise half-birthday party. It is probably the best birthday party I've ever had in my life - it was that good. And I NEVER suspected a thing! My mom is great because she knew I always got the shaft when it came my birthday parties. My real birthday is in August so having a party was not an easy feat. In order to have a summer birthday party you had to compete with everyone's summer vacations. So getting even half of the guest list to show up was a miracle. Not so with a half-birthday party. Fifteen of my friends were there to help me celebrate my 1/2 year - only two couldn't make it. I don't even remember what exactly we did - I just remember it being fun! I do remember cramming all fifteen of us into my mom's little Kia Sportage and having my other brother Brice drop each of my guests off at home, one-by-one. Thanks momma, for making such a fun memory for me!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Something about me most people don't know is that I hate barnacles and bell pepper seeds. The reason being, I can't stand the way they look! I just don't like the look of a bunch of little things smooshed together - which means I don't like cracked leather either. It literally gives me the chills. Weird, I know. Just compare it to the feeling of peach fuzz, or the sound of cracking knuckles, or the taste of cough syrup. To give you an idea of what exactly I'm talking about, please see below. You should feel lucky that I'm even posting such hideous pictures! Yuck!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Do's and Don'ts with Babies

In honor of all our soon-to-be parents. Just a couple guidelines to follow to guarantee an accident free parenthood. Courtesy of my friend Tessa.