Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Presidents Day

For whatever reason my work has Presidents Day as one of our many paid holidays. To be honest, I thought it was strange at first and was a bit disappointed, merely because it's in the middle of February! I would rather have 4th of July Eve off or something. However, my paid holiday (and Wyatt's sick day) turned out to be a great holiday. We decided to take advantage of our time off and go skiing! The pictures tell the story of what a beautiful day it was! Warm (except for the gusts of freezing wind) and sunny! The snow was crappy icy but we didn't care. It was still a fun day!


hyker said...

Wow! Nice pics! Isn't the Pacific Northwest the best ever? Sorry I didn't call when I was driving thru PDX last week....but I was a man on a mission and didn't really have time.

Jeanna said...

I hope Wyatt is feeling better. :)

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean. Brent and Collette always comment on Jeanna's blog, and never say anything on yours. Abbie, too. Do you have bad breath or something?

I know, I know I said I wasn't going to read these things anymore, but I was interested to find out if you ever got any hits on your blog site.

I still love you! And I will give you my honest opinion at any time whether you like it or not. Like the Phineas/Finn thing.

Been working on Jeremy's book. In my mind it is going to be so cool. In reality it is sooo dippy.

Have a great day tomorrow. Thursday already? I lost that whole 24 hours with the San Francisco/San Antonio mess.

Love, Momma

Brent and Collette said...

Ok, I'm really annoyed. I just typed up the longest comment ever (not kidding) and it got erased. It was really funny and witty...maybe not but it was a good one.

Just so you know, you don't have bad breath:) (I liked that Aunt Georgia). I often have comments for you but get interrupted and forget to come back and leave them. I'll try to be better because I know that I love it when people comment and to get comments-you must leave comments!

I love the President's day holiday. Nothing to really celebrate (unless you love the presidents) but it is a nice mid-winter break. Perfect for things like skiing and being lazy around the house for no reason! Love it.

Look on my blog for a link just for you. Unless you've already seen it, I think you will like it!

Clint& Jenifer& Carly Demaris said...

NO WAY! I am so jealous, really! Its been so long since I have been skiiing it was like the perfect day for you guys! Im so glad that you went! Hey I just thought that I would warn you that I have pics of you guys up all over the internet...dont tell Wyatt but you guys are kissing in them!

Collette said...

I'm glad you liked my treat! Don't feel awkward. Everything is all good:)

RollerSkatingMafia said...

Ouch...I think I strained my right eye looking for the dog you were watching that weekend!!! I didn't know dog's can ski. He must have been the one taking all the pictures. Was the dog Brian from Family Guy? Anyway, back to me. We had a great time at the beach house.

Ski's were ripped off from Roller-skates too!