Monday, May 16, 2016

Hippa Pippa Philippa

Wyatt started singing modified lyrics to the Baby Baluga song. We've all caught on and now sing, "Pippa Philippa in the deep blue sea. Swimming around, free as can be."  And Ro calls Pippa, "Hippa." So just like the song, I now find myself calling Pippa "Hippa" by accident. And every time I do - or Ro does - I think of HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Our little protected health regulator.  Our Hippa Pippa Philippa. 

I really like her like her.  Pippa is still sweet.  She still loves to be held.  She still looooooves bath time.  She does not sleep good anymore.  I don't know what happened.  Actually, I jinxed myself is what happened.  I wrote in my journal a few weeks ago about what an excellent sleeper she is, waking only once at night.  Foolish me.  That very night she woke three times.  And the rest of the week was downhill.  I'm certain she was on a growth spurt.  Though she's not waking three times a night anymore, she still regularly wakes two times a night.  Argh.  I don't know what happened.  But I'd like to remedy the situation.  

Ro is a spotty sleeper these days too.  Not sure what happened to our poster child for sleeping.  Seriously, he was an excellent sleeper six-months ago. Argh.  The gate on his crib is officially off - I'm sure that's what happened.  Now he feels welcome to "move about the cabin."  We regularly find Ro in our bed.  There have been some mornings where I have no recollection of him getting in our bed and I'm surprised to find him laying next to me.  I am trying to put a stop to this one.  Though truthfully, I don't mind Ro sleeping with me...if Wyatt weren't in the picture.  But three is a crowd.  And when it comes to sharing a bed, I choose Wyatt.  

I have found a possible solution to my sleepless children.  A couple of weeks ago when I was dead tired and didn't want to do the "escorting Ro back to bed several times" routine, I asked Ro if he wanted to sleep in Pippa's room.  And he LOVED the idea!  So I turned down the covers on the spare bed and Ro spent the night in Pippa's room.  He's done it a few times since and they both seem to really like the other's company.  Sometimes when I go into Pippa's room to feed her, I'll find Ro nestled up against Pippa's bassinet.  And the other night when Wyatt was in charge of putting Ro to bed while I was at mutual/church, he couldn't get Ro to stay in his bed without crying (a usual occurrence when Wyatt is in charge of bedtime).  So Wyatt had Ro sleep in Pippa's room from the start.  By the time I got home, the two of them were in there laughing together.  It was suuuuper cute!  I thought my heart was going to explode!  Of course it came to an end when Pippa didn't know how to fall asleep with a distraction in her room.  And then when she woke-up screaming at midnight because Ro's foot was resting on her forehead.  Poor girl.  We need to get a big-kid bed for Ro so Pippa can have the crib.  And then maybe we'll stick them in the same room together.  I really do think they both find comfort through each other.

Our Pippa sure knows how to put-put.  Ha!  Future Pippa is going to be so embarrassed that I am writing this.  Hey, it's cute when a baby passes gas, right?  She's got stinky put-puts too, so she knows how to clear a room.  Poor girl.  I'm not sure what I'm eating but something is not agreeable with her system.  She spits-up and drools like crazy too.  The exact opposite from Ro.  She actually doesn't seem too bothered from the gas or the spit-up, so I think she's okay.  Once in a while she'll seem fussy but it's not too bad.  

Pippa's dark hair is slowly falling out and it looks as if it's being replaced with lighter, dare I say blonde?, hair.  I'm kinda sad to see her little "hair peak" slowly disappear.  But am equally excited to see what the next stage will bring.  

I have had this as a draft for a few weeks now.  So I am just going to post it because I'm too tired to think and write more.  Poor girl.  I promise I'll do better next month.  Which is in 13-days...  I'll end with some pictures from our trip to Oregon. 

It was Pippa's maiden voyage down to the river - a right of passage in Wyatt's family.  She seemed to like it just fine.  Ro LOVED it!  Not his first time... But my first time letting him get as wet and dirty as he wanted.  Mind you it was April.  And despite the sunshine, the water is still FREEZING!!!  It never seemed to phase him until we walked up the trail back to the house.  Good thing Goombaw (Wyatt's mom) is a better mother than me.  She sensed Ro might be freezing and ran ahead to return with a towel.  I was just going to make him "power through" since he never seems to be cold.  (Seriously, the kid sweats all. the. time!)  He was chilled to the bone because after his hot bath he still wanted to be wrapped in a warm blankie.  Poor kid.  Though, I don't think he regretted his adventure.  He seemed to be on Cloud 9.