Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dios Bendiga Saint George

Wyatt tells me about the movie "Windows of Heaven" he used to watch with his investigators on his mission. He went to New York City Spanish speaking, so of course the movies they shared were in Espanol. The particular thing about this movie was that everything was spoken with the typical Spanish accent, except for "Saint George". It wasn't a subtle difference but rather a quite obvious one. So now, anytime we talk about Saint George, Wyatt repeats the line from the movie, "Dios Bendiga Saint George". Making sure he uses his thickest Spanish accent for the "Dios Bendiga" and an all true American accent for the "Saint George". Very silly, but something I love!

Finally I had my opportunity to visit Saint George. My friend Amie, a friend from my Chicago days, moved there with her family a little less than a year ago and invited me to visit. So I decided to take her up on here offer. Amie picked me up from the Vegas airport last Thursday night and we immediately went out to dinner at a close by Indian restaurant. I felt like it was very important that we had Indian food since it is one of her favorites and one cuisine I recently added to my personal favorites (for the longest time I never could understand why she enjoyed it so much... I have since seen the light). It's so nice to be in the company of a fellow foodie! After gorging ourselves with food, we rolled ourselves out the door and made the two-hour trek to Saint George. We didn't arrive until after midnight, so after I received the grand tour of their lovely home (and after Amie made a delish lemon dessert) I crashed into bed.

Friday morning I was greeted by the door knock of little fists pleaing with me to get up. What a pleasant surprise to open my door and see two of the cutest kids eager to meet me! The three of us round-up their older brother for a quick game of Candyland before breakfast and school. While the two boys were at school, Amie and I spent the morning tackling errands and shopping. It was fun to tag along with Amie since she is in the midst of growing her year food supply, so she was full of useful tips and information. It gave me a bit of encouragement to begin gathering my own "crops" for my own family supply.

Friday night the whole family (dad, mom, three kids and me) made the trek north to Cedar City to see the comedian Brian Regan at Southern Utah University. The crazy part about this mini-trip is that it was SNOWING! Which, surprisingly, I didn't mind. I guess since we never get it in Portland it was nice to see... even in April. We had Navajo tacos for dinner (one of my Carroll family favs) and enjoyed a wonderful evening laughing our heads off!

Saturday was a lovely day spent with Amie's husband's (Patrick) family - we had a delish French Toast breakfast, played some games, had a tasty lunch and even a small nap... Unfortunately, this is where my stomach started to take a turn for the worst and would give me grief for the next 24-hours. Lame. That's right, I found myself with a case of the stomach flu! Double lame! I felt terrible physically, but worse emotionally. Patrick and Amie worked their magic to create a world-class meal and I could barely enjoy it. I was so disappointed. I tried so very hard to psych my stomach up to "enjoy it or else" but in the end my stomach showed me who was boss as I made several trips to the bathroom. Did I mention authentic Korean food and homemade Samoa cookies was on the menu? I know! Luckily, my stomach simmered down in time for leftovers the next day. Phew! Though let me say, it was a sight to see Amie and Patrick working side by side cooking dinner. It was as if I was watching the Food Network.

Sunday presented us with beautiful weather so we spent a good portion of the day outside. I had a BLAST playing with the kids! On a side note, if I could bear five-year-old children, I would. (An unpleasant thought, I know). I just dig kids so much more than babies. They're far more interactive, funny, entertaining and fun! I was truly sad to part ways when it was time for me to return home. It was a fun trip! And I am very happy that I got to spend time with an old friend.

It's been so long since Amie and I have spent any in-person time together, I was wondering what it'd be like. But it was great! I admire Amie so much. She is one of the most compassionate people I know, constantly serving in the church, within her community and amongst her family and friends. She is an amazing mother and wife. She keeps an organized home, filled with the Spirit. And she has an unwavering testimony of the gospel. It was a pleasure to be able to spend the weekend with her! I think another trip is in order...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Missing These Guys...

Wyatt and I have been teaching in Primary together since we returned from Hawaii... and have been LOVING it! We were the lucky ones that got to move-up with our old class to their new CTR-5B class! These six little guys have become the highlight of each of my weeks. I am often excited to go to Primary on Sundays just so I can hang with these little dudes and dudettes. They say and do the funniest things! Wyatt and I are often laughing at their spunky little personalities.

Since it was conference yesterday, I didn't get my fix of five/six-year-olds. Sad. Today I'm missing them and counting down the days until we get to play together again...

This picture captures each of their individual personalities spot-on. So cute!