Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

He is the Gift

I've been LOVING this video this Christmas season.  A happy reminder on why we celebrate Christmas. I hope it makes you happy too. 


I'm just burning through pictures over here.  This is a snapshot of our day-to-day life.  Of course Ro is on our center stage.  The cutest main act ever!

I'll just

We had an ice storm in the middle of November.  Imagine what it'd be like to have your car covered in a sheet of ice.  That's what this picture is (zoom-in for better detail).

Ro decided he wanted to enhance his eyebrows.  

Turkey suit for Thanksgiving!  Thanks Goombaw!

You  must enlarge this picture to appreciate it.  Ro played "turkey bowl" soccer on Wyatt's shoulders.  He LOVED it!  Despite being whipped around like crazy.  

Pie?  Yes, please.

Like father, like son.  This makes my heart burst!

Ro is Seriously Handsome.

Setting up the tree!  What is this?

Sure wish I could download videos...this picture doesn't do the experience justice.  

Wyatt's new office.  Call to setup an appointment today!

A much needed nap after looking for a new home.
They even sleep the same.  I love these guys!

Family Pictures 2014

Thanks to our SIL for taking our family photos this year!  She did an awesome job of making us look great!  Especially Ro...I love, LOVE this picture of Ro!  If you like what you see, check-out Pixels Squared.

And then it was October

More excuses to post pictures of Ro, the cutest kid in the world.  After our trip to Colorado we enjoyed the rest of September and all of October in Oregon.  Halloween happened that month, the way it does every October 31st.  For our church's Trunk or Treat party, we decided to dress-up as a family.  Ro was Ammon, I was a one-armed Lamanite robber, and Wyatt was a sheep.  You can find the real story in the Book of Mormon.  

Other happenings:

Here is Ro hanging with his cousin Bao and Uncle Ryan

Ro's first goose egg.  The morning of his 12-month check-up at the doctors.  Nice...

Reading with mom (and Pangi).

Enjoying the scenery of Lake Oswego.  Doesn't this almost look like a painting?

Dinner at Super Torta!  Ro didn't think it was so super.

Opening day at Cabela's.  We couldn't care was just something to do/see.  Mostly I like this picture of Wyatt.  Handsome!

Dinner with Granddad and Goombaw (not pictured).

Learning how to "river" at the river with Goombaw.

Sporting his skeleton suit.  I'm so sad he can't wear it anymore, it was soooo cute!

Stacking rings, without looking.  

'Tis the season!

Just cute.

Just another picture from our frequent trips to Waluga park.


Ro's real Halloween costume: panda. 

The Time it Snowed in September

Ro and I went to Colorado this past September.  The main motivation of the trip was to go swimming in Momma G's neighborhood pool before it closed for the season.  And it snowed.  Which is not that unusual for Colorado, I remember it doing that a few times in my youth.  But it did put a damper on our week, so we had to spend time with family instead.  Good thing that was the other main reason we went to Colorado!  

Momma G planned a small party for Ro's recent birthday.  Uncle Brice, Aunt Judy, Aunt Burgandy and kids joined in on the festivities.  It was fun.  I'd write more about the experience but that was nearly four months ago, so I'm not going to elaborate on the topic.  Mostly I just wanted to post pictures of my cute son.

Ro with Ma' G and Pa' Lou

Visiting with my friend JoVonne and her little girl (who is three-months Ro's elder)

Having lunch with Tess

Ro love Uncle Brice!  They even wear the same pants!