Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, Everyone


jeanna said...

Hey B,

we got your text. Hope you guys are having a great christmas. Harold is on the phone calling your mom and hopefully he will call you too.

I am busy "working" :) from my parents house. Okay, I really am working because this is the one day of the year they will make sure we get our hours in.

We have had a good day nonetheless. Talk to you later.

Kelsey said...

Did you guys make this card in 1973? We like it. :)

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment last night when I got home--actually this morning at 12:33 AM, but this little thing wouldn't let me go back in after I read the one comment. What I wanted to say was that NOW I recognize the dress you are wearing, Britty. It is difficult to distinguish in the real photo, but in the light of the blog, could see it was my own, my favorite, my sexy little number that I made myself and looked right chic in for the 70's with two darling little boys in tow. Hope you had a good Christmas. I ended up with 6:22 hours of holiday flying. Maybe $250 extra. It will help. Actually were on the ground waiting to be de-iced and and the flight itself was 4:12, but since the original flight time for the two segments was only 4:29, that's when they started the add-on time. 4:30 PM standby today. The sun is bright and I hope that some of this snow melts before I go.