Friday, December 14, 2007

Xmas in Frisco

I'm really easing my way into blogging, one post every month for the first 18 months, after that you can expect more from me.

I found a cool online radio station for Christmas music. Check out 's Xmas in Frisco. They play all the Christmas music you could possibly handle, and some you probably can't. Careful if you listen at work they play the vulgar stuff too. Apparently Eazy-E made a Christmas album, which is exactly what you would imagine it to be. 90% of the stuff is okay though, that or I have been seriously desensitized.

I love Christmas, and Brittany would probably not want to skip it so often if I wasn't so hard to buy gifts for. The decorations for the Christmas tree were all Brittany's idea. The tree itself I bought for my work Christmas party and then brought home. My profile pic is from me doing the same thing last year.


Brittany said...

i really like this picture! wyatt, you did a great job of capturing our tree. it almost looks like a "holy" tree with all the light surrounding it. thanks for your help with decorating it - i couldn't have done it without you! from cutting it down to tediously stringing the popcorn on thread. you've really helped make christmas fun for me....even though you are really difficult to shop for.

jeanna said...

Nice job on the tree W and B. I'm glad to see you are still around Wyatt, but Brittany leaves evidence in the form of donut munching and rice krispie treat making. Keeping B happy must be a full-time job! :)

josette said...

i'm glad you love christmas wyatt...maybe you can rub off on little scroogie

Anonymous said...

oK britty and wyatt, the tree looks great from a far, i kinda want to see the gingerbread men that I worked so hard at making with britts. Also I noticed some red ornament balls on the tree, some thing I recomended to britty that would look great. I am glad that You guys are having fun. BURGANDY