Friday, June 14, 2013

7.5 Months

So, I’m pregnant.  I realize what a cruel trick I’ve played on my bloggy readers – keeping this bit of information to myself.  But before you throw me to the wolves, remember I am with child.  And (!) in my defense, I have had great intentions of sharing this with you.  Truly, I have!  You know how it goes, life – it gets in the way.  So here I am at 7.5-months spilling the beans.  Please don't hate me.

Here’s what I look like at 30-weeks:
Look at my little tomato plant in the blue pot!

 And what I looked like at 28-weeks:

Did you notice the growth spurt I encountered the last two weeks?!  I’m not kidding, I do not have enough fingers and toes (including baby's) to count how many times someone has commented on my new size.  One of my coworkers asked me if I was having twins.  Nice.  For the most part I don’t care.  I’m pregnant, what do I expect?

I suppose I have kept this little bit of information to myself in part because of my history regarding the subject.  It's been a challenging road, one which we've cautiously walked.  One which we still cautiously walk... Will I ever stop worrying?  Probably not, that's what parents do, right?

I will just say, despite my fears, I can hardly wait to meet this little babe!  We can hardly wait to meet this little babe!  He's a boy.  At least that's what the evidence suggests him to be... but I guess they've been known to be wrong from time-to-time.  I'm not sure how possible that is in this case.  It seems to me that he is obviously a boy.  That's what we're anticipating, so let's hope so.

Baby Boy Wilson, due August 2013.  (But expected September 2013.  He's a Wilson, nearly all Wilson's are born in September.)