Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Despite the previous post - all of our creative energy went into making Wyatt's truck's costume and not so much our burrito costumes. We decided to participate in our ward's Trunk-or-Treat activity. We spent last night into the wee hours (okay, it was like 11:30 when we went to bed) cutting up boxes, spray painting and shopping for materials. Below is the result of our labors. Keep in mind, Wyatt is the brains of the operation. I was merely the brawn. Wyatt is the creative one in our relationship and thus it was his idea to create a dragon and his idea on how to execute the project. I cut the boxes...

Costume Number One: Bikers

Costume Number Two: Burritos (I realize Wyatt is merely dressed in a sheet but they still gave us free burritos!)

A picture from last year. Does my marshmallow costume look familiar? It's highly versatile. I'm beginning to remind myself of Troy McClure.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In case you're wondering what we'll be going as for Halloween this year.....

Anything for a free Chipotle Burrito!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hood River

This week's weather forecast is the BEST prediction in weeks! Sunshine all week! And warm weather (in the high 60's) too! To celebrate the occasion Wyatt and I were both "sick" for the afternoon yesterday. To cure our sickness we drove to Hood River to drive the Fruit Loop tour. The tour is a 35 mile loop with over 20 fruit stands on the sides of the road. It was gorgeous! I wish that my pictures did the scenery justice. You'll just have to imagine how pretty it was. Days like yesterday remind me how much I love autumn! And how much I like being "sick". And how much I like being "sick" with Wyatt. And make me think I could live in Oregon after all....

Mt. Hood

Mt. Saint Helens



Monday, October 15, 2007


That's right, the Colorado Rockies are on their way to the World Series! They are, as of 10:40pm PST, the Champions of the National League. Sweet yo! Check it out here. And in case you were wondering, my love for the Rockies doesn't take away from my love for the White Sox. Different Leagues, so it's okay. AND in no way am I supportive of the name "Rocktober" (the media's reference to their journey to the World Series). I think it's dumb.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Portland, Oregon

Having a quite boring and mindless job, I've had a lot of time to surf the internet AND think of the several reasons why I don't like Portland. So I thought I'd share the "Ten Reasons Why I Don't Like Portland" with my readers. But I'm trying to work on being more positive so I had to write the things I like first...

Yea Portland!!!!!
1. Wyatt
2. Wyatt's family
3. picking berries (and other fresh fruit)
4. green trees and beautiful scenery
5. cheap parking!
6. easy access to city and outdoors and the beach
8. 150 miles to Seattle
9. don't have to pump my own gas (which is something I really hate doing - don't know why)
10. the Portland Temple
10a. abundance of good deals on Craigslist because everyone is about recycling and reusing

Boo Portland!!!!!!
1. the bottoms of my pants get wet (i said bottoms, not top.....)
2. not a hub city for a major airline - more legs, harder and more expensive to travel anywhere
3. vegetarians (it's just the high abundance of them....)
4. slow drivers
5. slow drivers in the fast lane
6. slow drivers in the fast lane monitoring the speed of other drivers by refusing to move to the right lane because they are, in fact, going the speed limit (even though they are holding up a line of cars behind them)
7. bumper stickers
8. bumper stickers stating their great adoration and over the top love for the democratic party
9. only 3 million people big
10. lack of some of my favorite chain restaurants - Maggiano's, Panera, Corner Bakery, Noodles and Co.
10a. limited amounts of Chipotle
10b. lack of HOT weather in the summer - reaching 85d at best
10c. lack of warm weather in the fall - reaching a high of 60d at best
10d. lack of SUN
10e. high abundance of Fantasy Video, Fantasy Lounge or any other Fantasy something (seriously there is one in every town!)
10f. easy access to a COLD beach (though it is a VERY pretty beach)
10g. weird people in general (just walk downtown and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about)
10h. the deficit between average income and the housing market - there is NO way one could afford a house here! I understand the housing market bit. But the average income?! Come on people! One can't survive on $10-12 an hour.
10i. ZERO dollar theaters - you would think, in Portland, where everyone is all about recycling, there would be one.....
10j. great respect for the earth (that is good) - lack of respect for personal appearance and appearance of own home (this is rare but still enough for it to make it on my list)
10k. wearing sandals with flannels/sweatshirts - i don't even understand this
10l. no good deals at thrift stores because EVERYONE shops there
10m. only professional sport is basketball (where's the baseball and hockey?)
10n. bikers taking up more than their share of the road and not obey the laws like they're supposed to (actually, this doesn't really bug me - but it is number one on Wyatt's list)
10o. rain - not that it rains in general - it's just that the same amount of rain that Chicago gets in one day can be spread out over a week in Portland (i don't think Portland is being very efficient with the weather and how much sun it really could have)

I'm sure I could go on. But I'm trying to be positive, remember? All in all, Portland really isn't a bad place to live. It's just the little things that tend to bug me from time to time. I think I just don't fit in here. I can't relate to the people. And that is why I loved Chicago so much - because I could relate. But I've come to the realization that being in Portland with Wyatt is 100 times better than being somewhere I love without him. Okay, that's not entirely true. I would enjoy that place I love by myself for a few days. Then I would be really unhappy because Wyatt wouldn't be there. So moral of the lesson - move to a place you love - with someone you love - and make sure they love that place too.

Someday we'll make it to Seattle.....

Monday, October 8, 2007


In case you were wondering what those who share my name look like......
Britt Wilson
....I have no comment on the subject.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Momma G

Momma G came to town Sunday for her annual PPI meeting with me. Every October (for the last three years) mom takes each of us kids out to eat and asks us questions about our lives. She does it so she can keep up to date with our happenings, tastes, dislikes, challenges, etc. This year the questions centered around my opinions of my wedding. What I liked best, what I would've changed, what my favorite present was, what my favorite part about being married is, etc. It was a lot of fun having her in town. We didn't do anything super exciting - mostly she just ran around town with me running different errands I needed to do. It was just fun spending time with her. She is one fun lady! We did get to go to the temple together and it was nice to have her there to teach me some new things. She is a smart lady too! And I love the way mom loves to eat! While she was here we made wheat pancakes, tortilla soup, lemon bread and my first ever homemade cinnamon rolls! (I've had them in my mind ever since Collette made them). Thanks for coming to visit - I love you momma!