Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pleasantly Plump

I like to joke that Ro is "pleasantly plump."  He is big for his age, which is now three-months.  I recently swapped all his three-month clothes for his six-month clothes.  He won't have an appointment until he's four-months, so I won't know until then how big he really is.  Though, I can tell he weighs more than he did a couple of weeks ago.  I finally bought a brace for my left wrist because it was hurting so bad.  Who knew having a baby could cause physical pain in the most peculiar places?  I'm hoping to have fully toned arms by the time he turns one-year.  Ha!  That'd be a first!

Notice Pangi photobombing in the background?  Love it!

Ro went on his first flight last week to Utah for Thanksgiving and did awesome!  Barely a peep from him to SLC and minimal fussing on the return flight to PDX.  I think he likes flying, just like his mom and the rest of the Nichols crew.  And kudos to his parents for not being "those parents" (as my flight attendant momma says) that pack everything plus the kitchen sink when they fly with kids.  One checked bag, a checked car seat, and two carry-on backpacks.  And I will say here, my opinion of Southwest is slowly turning.  I still dislike their cattle call process of getting people onto the plane.  But, I can't complain about free checked bags.  Now that we have baby in tow, it's something that came in very handy!  Plus, since we did have kiddo, we were able to board the plane after the A group anyway.  So, it wasn't so bad.  I might venture to fly them again...on purpose!  

Speaking of planes, I am totally against the FAA allowing cell phone use on the plane.  It is the one place where people aren't (as) glued to their phones...because they can't be.  It is the best excuse in the world for why you can do something other than be on your phone!  Wyatt being devils advocate pointed out that business people might benefit from having cell phone use.  I disagree, there is no better excuse to be unplugged from the world.  "How come you didn't reply to that urgent email?"  "Because I couldn't!"  Wyatt also pointed out you can't talk on the phone on the plane because of the lack of service.  So far... It's only a matter of time.  I just think this is a slippery slope.  If the FAA opens the gates, the floods will come.  

And I digress... Anyway, Ro is awesome!  We're still in love with him!  Sometimes I just want to love him, and squeeze him, and hug him so tight.  But I don't, because he might suffocate.  Instead I just hold him properly like a good mom...  And squeeze him a little. 

Best Christmas present ever!