Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ro Turns Two...Months

I reached a proud motherhood moment...I was successfully able to keep my baby alive for two months!  I know, I'm sure many of you had big money wagered against me. I know I would've.  There were some instances where I thought for sure I'd be fired as a mother.  One of which was on the second day of Ro's life, in the hospital.  It was the middle of the night and I was trying to position him to nurse.  When next thing I know he's plummeting head first toward the tile floor.  Luckily I was able to snatch him by his ankle and save the day.  I still shudder when I replay the incident in my mind.  Yikes!  

Ro had his two-month appointment last week.  He's maintaining his thickness and big-headedness (literally, not figuratively) quite well.  Ro weighed in at 13-pounds and one ounce (94%).  He's 24-inches tall (86%), and has a 17-inch head (99%).  Can I just say here how much I LOVE Ro's pediatrician?  Seriously, the man is among the elite!  You can tell how much he loves babies because he will hold Ro the entire duration of our appointment.  And he's changed Ro's poopy diaper, twice...with zero prodding from me.  And he didn't laugh at my face when I asked him if it was okay to take Ro on "walks" (runs) in the cold.  (I seriously slap my own forehead when I think how I actually asked him that!)  I would live in Oregon forever just so all my kids could have Dr. Craft as their doctor.  

Ro's had several homespun photo sessions.  Seven alone were of him in his blessing outfit.  I was trying to mimic my friend's kid's blessing outfit photos (that her professional photographer sister took).  I failed, miserably, seven times...  Do you know how hard it is to get natural light in Oregon?  And then there was an eighth photo session of Ro with Nuper for his two-month birthday.  

We're slowly getting in a routine over here.  Ro's feeding schedule is a lot more predictable and he usually only wakes once in the night to feed.  He's slept seven-hours straight a few times.  Which I will confess, I woke him each of those times to feed him because I was worried that he would starve.  Again, I am grateful the advise nurse didn't laugh into the phone when I asked her if it was okay for him to sleep through the night.  You guys, I am clueless when it comes to babies!  It'll be amazing if Ro grows up to be a normal human being.

Regardless of all my foolish mothering, things here are great. I am happy.  Ro is cute.  And Wyatt has to bring home the bacon, sort of.  Life is good.  

PS - Did I mention that Ro was a hotdog for Halloween?  He was really good at being in character.