Tuesday, July 31, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 16

Brittany, age 16.
Finally, clothes that fit!

Day 16 Festivities: Mani Pedi!
A fun evening with my pal, Jen, chit-chatting and getting our nails beautified.  It was awesome!

Don't my SWS's look even cuter with my painted nails?

Something about me: I LOVE to laugh!  I think it's my favorite thing to do.  My family, the Nichols Family, is really good at laughing.  My brother Harold and sister Burgandy are better at laughing then me but I'm still good at it.  Family get-togethers are always fun because its guaranteed there'll be laughing.  

thirty days of 30 - day 15

Brittany, age 15.
My school photo was copied straight from my yearbook since the original was no where to be found.  We're in the midst of my "blonde phase."  What was I thinking?!  I know mom, you told me so...

Day 15 Festivities:  Costco cheese pizza
Before any of you naysayers chime in, just know that I was once ignorant like you.  I scoffed at the idea of ordering plain cheese pizza - "boring!" I would say.  However, I have since seen the light.  There is something about Costco's cheese pizza that makes choirs of angels sing!  Perhaps the thick layer of cheese baked to a perfect crispness?  Or the low, low price of $2 a slice!  Regardless, it is GOOD.  And a well-appreciated day 15 festivity!  (PS - Don't forget the Parmesan cheese!)

Something about me:  I love cold showers on hot days!  (I could count on one hand - with missing fingers - how many times the occasion to take a cold shower on a hot day in Oregon has presented itself.  It was a regular occurrence during the hot summer days in Chicago.)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 14

Brittany, age 14.  
I'm slowly starting to look normal.  I'm not quite sure what is going on with my hair and why I didn't bother doing something to it.  Or maybe I did?  Which makes me even more concerned...

Day 14 Festivities:  Eat a sugar cookie
I taught in Young Womens today so I took the opportunity to make sugar cookies to share.  Otherwise, I would've been left with an entire batch (64 cookies) to eat all by myself.

Something about me:  I have strong opinions about cookies.  Especially the overrated chocolate chip (you can reference my previous blog post for more details).  I also have strong opinions about the sugar cookie and feel that they should be soft and only be frosted with buttercream frosting.  The nasty shortening frosting (which makes pretty cookies) is terrible (except for the pink Lofthouse cookies)!

thirty days of 30 - day 13

Brittany, age 13.

Day 13 Festivities: Portland Timbers game
Even though the Timbers game has been on the docket since I organized my thirty-days of celebration, the day proved to be fruitful with activities.  After our morning at the river we raced home for a family friendly softball game organized by some friends.  It did not disappoint!  I love, LOVE "playing" softball/baseball on a nice summer day.  Next we gave into our bodies' demand for a nap (remember, the beaver kept us awake with all its slapping).  We then attended a pioneer party with some friends at the local park (great food and company!).  And finally the Timbers game.  It was an ideal summer day!

As far as I'm concerned, the Timbers game was a bit uneventful.  Sorta meh.  (Which as a side note, I think Wyatt and I are bad luck because we've attended three Timbers games since they went to MLS and they lost all three games.)  The best part of the evening, in my opinion, was the bicycle riding through the city.  Wyatt had the great idea to park our truck at the institute building (about 1.5-miles from the field) and ride our bikes to the game.  If I haven't mentioned it before, I LOVE riding my bike - especially my beach cruiser.

Something about me: My favorite sports to watch: hockey and baseball.  My favorite teams: Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies, and Chicago White Sox.  Truthfully, since I got married my sports-watching has diminished exponentially.  Wyatt's not that into sports, which means I'm the "sports fan" in the family.  And since I pale in comparison to all the fanatics out there, sports really don't get watched at our house.

thirty days of 30 - day 12

Brittany, age 12.
This was the year I begged my dad for contacts.  I was so happy he obliged! 

Day 12 Festivities: Camping at the river (yay!)
Wyatt's parents live on the Clackamas River, so growing up Wyatt's version of backyard camping was camping at the river.  Since living in Oregon, I had never relived this aspect of Wyatt's childhood.  That is until this past Friday night...



It really was backyard camping because we showed up at Wyatt's parents house ready for bed with sleeping bags and pillows in hand.  Finally when it was nearly dark we made the trek down to the river with a wagon full of our gear in tow.  We setup our cots with sleeping bags and tucked in for the night - sleeping under the stars clouds. 

Yeah, it was pretty low key until the wee hours of the morning when I awoke to a loud "SLAP" on the water.  That's right, it was a BEAVER!  Every few minutes I'd hear the same slap on the water over and over.  I know as I type in broad daylight how ridiculous this sounds but I was actually a bit spooked by the beaver.  To the point that I ducked under my covers until I drifted off to sleep.  I have no idea what I was expecting, perhaps for the beaver to attack us?  I think mostly it was because it was dark and I didn't have my glasses on, so I felt vulnerable.  Like I said, even I am laughing at myself now.

Something about me: I am the youngest of six kids.  Which is a position I have indulged in and milked over the years.  It is something that I love so much that even today, at nearly thirty-years-old, I still have nightmares that my mom announces that she is pregnant with number seven.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 11

Brittany, age 11.
My sister, Burgandy, is the most photogenic person I know.  You can take a picture of her just as she rolls out of bed and she will still look like a million dollars.  I, on the other hand, can spend hours prepping and preening and look like I just rolled out of bed every time my picture is taken. 

Day 11 Festivities: Makeup counter makeover Chipotle
I wasn't feeling up to the mall, nor the pressure of buying something.  Chipotle on the patio with Wyatt in the warm weather hit the spot.  I also cleaned both my bathrooms, which is something that always makes me happy.  (The result, not the actual process.)

Something about me: I love driving fast!  By the time I left for college I had received so many speeding tickets that my license was about to be revoked.  I beat the system by moving to Utah and getting a Utah drivers license.  At one point, when I was 17, I had a warrant for my arrest in the state of Utah because I hadn't paid a speeding ticket.  (I don't remember why it took so long for me to pay the ticket that it turned into a warrant.  Despite the fact that I liked to speed, I was diligent about paying my fines. There must've been some fluke/miscommunication on why this particular ticket didn't get paid as quickly.)  

When I was living in Chicago I begged my way out of a ticket by offering the officer a plate of homemade cookies.  I think he let me go ticketless because he felt sorry for my pathetic plea and not because he wanted the cookies.  

Oregon drivers are SLOW drivers, it drives me crazy sometimes always.  Though it must be doing me some good because since I've lived in Oregon I've received one ticket (in my car).  (The other ticket was while on my bicycle.)  

thirty days of 30 - day 10

 Brittany, age 9
Oh, the dreaded glasses...

Brittany, age 10
I realized that since I started out with my baby picture, I'm now a day behind on my photos.  I thought my glasses era would be a great phase to rush through. 

Day 10 Festivities: Girls Camp
I took half the day off from work to spend ward day at Girls Camp.  Let me just say how much I LOVE the girls in my ward!  I had a wonderful time hanging out with them - we have some crazy, fun, clever girls!  Oh, and I successfully stuffed my face with food: large plate of pasta with breadstick, cinnamon roll, red vines, peanutbutter M&Ms, pizza, and strawberry shortcake.  Not to mention the two pieces of zucchini bread and bagel I ate at work.  (Carbs much?)  It got to the point where I thought I'd throw-up every time I was sitting and leaned toward my knees.  Nice...  I can't imagine what state I'd be in if I had attended the entire week!

Sister Dibb from the YW General Presidency visited our region last month and relayed a story about a t-shirt she saw a Mormon girl wearing in the grocery store.  She then wondered what her t-shirt would say if she had one, and she came up with the saying, "I Know It, I Live It, I Like It."  Our Young Womens president, Lisa, had the great idea to make t-shirts for all the girls with the saying.  Lisa designed the logo and I made the silk screen and printed the shirts.  They all turned out great except for one... I accidentally printed the screen upside down.  Oops!

Something about me: Some peculiar smells I enjoy: fresh cigarette smoke and jet fuel.  As my mom says about the jet fuel, "it's like perfume."  It reminds me that I'm going somewhere.

Early birthday present:  My very own pair of Salt Water Sandles

Let me give the disclaimer that I didn't even know what Salt Water Sandles were until I was married to Wyatt.  He recognized them on one of the little girls in our primary class.  Apparently his sisters wore them growing up.  Where was I when I was a kid?!

My friend Pam was sporting a red pair that I couldn't get out of my head.  (She's a fashionable lady.)  So I did my own little online shopping trip and found the pair in yellow that I LOVED!  So happy I bought them!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 9

Brittany, age 8.

Day 9 Festivities: Picnic on Iron Mountain Trail
And guess what was waiting at the picnic table for us when we arrived... (look closely).  It joined us for dinner and (!) Wyatt said I could keep it if no one claimed it before we left.  I was super excited at first but now I feel a bit guilty because I'm wondering if I just shattered some little kid's hope.  I'm considering making a found poster with its picture and posting it on the picnic table.

An interesting happenstance:  Through random clickings and viewings on the internets, Wyatt discovered this music video back in January.  He fell in love with it instantly – the video and the song that is.  However, just as quick as he found the video, he lost it.  And by lost I mean didn’t catch the name of the band or the song before he closed out of the browser.  As a result, he spent months combing through our browser history desperately trying to locate the song (you think I’m being dramatic but this did indeed happen).  He asked around at school if any of his classmates had seen the video.  He even performed numerous Google searches with such phrases as, “music video with man hanging” and “song with man repeating himself quickly”.  You’re thinking the same thing I thought at the time, “that aint gonna get you anywhere.”  And I was right… Wyatt never found the mysterious video/song.

Fast forward seven months.  We’re in Harstine Island, Washington hanging out with our friend Jonah and his friend Mike.  Mike has this Wikipedia page up on his computer, an article on the short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce.  I ask Mike what he’s reading about and he explains that he saw a music video that reminded him of this short story he read in school.  So I ask him what the story is about and Mike begins to recite the story.  (It’s about a man that is hung off a bridge but escapes death because the rope breaks.  Once free, the man makes the journey home to reunite with his wife and kids.  Just as he runs toward his wife he feels a sharp pain in his neck and everything goes black…)  As Mike is summarizing the story Wyatt exclaims, “That’s it!  That’s the music video I’ve been trying to find!”  Mike then navigates to the “Colours” music video by Grouplove and the four of us sit there in awe as we learn “the rest of the story…” 

Something about me:  I love music.  I love the way it can make me feel or the way it reflects the way I feel.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 8

Brittany, age 7
My friend Josette pointed out that my "mullet years" began at age 5.  I laughed out loud because until her observation it never did register that my hair did resemble a mullet.  Sorry mom.  You can leave your defense in the comments section (though you've always known that I didn't like my short hair... love you!).  

I will say, I do like this picture of myself.  That was a hand-me-down dress from my sister and I always looked forward to the day that I could wear it.  I believe she is also wearing it in her second grade picture.

Day 8 Festivities: Spread good cheer  Try to spread good cheer
I made five loaves of zucchini bread this afternoon (two of which were duds since I forgot to add the eggs.  (Argh!)  Hence, why I made two more).  I was going to pay a well-over-due visit to two friends who had babes last month.  One was out of town and the other was away from home for the night.  Sigh.  That's what I get for attempting last minute drop-ins.  Next time I will call well in advance... before I bake the bread.

Something about me: I'm a sucker for stuffed animals... even now, at nearly 30-years-old.  So much so that I slept with a stuffed animal until the day I got married.  And still do when Wyatt is gone for the night.  And still find myself resisting the urge to purchase a cute stuffed animal I see at the store.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 7

Brittany, age 6

Day 7 Festivities: Speak in church
That's right, I'm counting speaking in church as one of my festivities.  Mostly because I really, really, really, really wanted to do what I was going to call the "Mothball" (my own version of The Moth) for one of my thirty days but I chickened out since I couldn't get myself to invite a group of my friends to entertain me with their stories.  I haven't completely dismissed the idea.  I just can't seem to envision it going the way I hope it would since most people hate public speaking and don't want an "assignment" to hang out.  I guess the biggest reason I've (sorta) dismissed the idea is because I couldn't think of a good enough personal story to start the evening off with.  

Anyway, the reason speaking in church counts is because Wyatt also had to speak.  Which, as it turns out, is something Wyatt is terrified of.  He joked with the congregation and told them that he had "sacrament talk syncope."  (There is no doubt he had all the symptoms.)  It was a treat for me to hear him speak because he told one of my favorite stories about himself - the one where he had to stand on a milk crate and preach the gospel (in Spanish) in the midst of a very busy Queens street.  Love it!  So it was as if Wyatt was my own little "mothball."  And! other people commented on how funny they thought Wyatt was and that they had no idea.  I'm glad people were able to have a small glimpse into my life and see one reason I love Wyatt so much - he's good at making me laugh.

Something about me: I LOVE stories!  This explains why I love The Moth, This American Life, and Radio Lab so much.  And why I like any book that has a good story.  Some of my fondest memories are the times my family reminisces about the past telling stories.

thirty days of 30 - day 6

Brittany, age 5

Day 7 Festivities:  I'M SAILING!
Our trip to Harstine Island did not disappoint!  The day was filled of goodness, including: a relaxing morning walk along the beach, biscuits and gravy and french toast, swimming, napping by the pool, sailing in the Puget Sound, and "half-price" sushi.  And!!! our friend Jonah fished a baby jellyfish out of the water for me to hold.  You can't really see it since it's clear... and since it was a baby, it didn't sting me.  (I think we might've killed it fishing it out of the water.  Good thing it didn't die in vein - seeing that it was day 7 of my thirty-day celebration.)

baby jellyfish

those are Jonah's fingers... not a sensor

Something about me: I enjoy chores that offer instant gratification - such as power washing and mowing the lawn.  It's so satisfying!

Friday, July 20, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 5

Brittany, age 4

Day 5 Festivities: Camping at the river Drive to Harstine Island, WA  
Our friend Jonah Crowley (yep, that Jonah Crowley) invited us to hang with him (and his friend, Mike) up in Harstine Island, Washington.  We decided it was an offer we couldn't resist - since there were promises of a "resort" filled with swimming pools, hot tubes, and Marshmallow Mateys.  I know, today was kind of a pathetic celebration since it was nothing but driving (and Marshmallow Mateys!)... but tomorrow will be better!

Something about me: I've lived in four states - all of which are bordered on the north by a state beginning with W.  Colorado, Utah, Illinois, Oregon -- Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington.  Perhaps Kentucky or Virginia are in my future...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 4

Brittany, age 3

Day 3 Festivities: Waxing (ouch!)

Something about me: My favorite attribute about myself - my wrists.  I don't know why, they just are.  To the point that I constantly find myself wrapping my fingers around them - middle and ring to thumb.  Sometimes when Wyatt sees me doing this he asks me what's wrong with my wrists.  I guess it kind of does look like I'm injured or checking my pulse...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 3

Brittany, age 2.  

Day 3 Festivities: Temple
Today's Young Womens activity was to visit the new('ish) Portland Temple Visitor Center.  I decided I'd squeeze in an endowment session between work and the activity.  

Miss G and M posing on the temple grounds with me.  

Something about me: I love the cafeteria at the temple!  I always make it my treat after I attend (sometimes before depending on time).  My usual: chef salad with ham (today it was with artificial crab meat, not as good), blue cheese dressing (I don't know what it is about their bc dressing but it is lip-smack'n good!), cup of soup (corn chowder today), and a GIANT cheese roll... with butter of course.  All this for $5.45!  Okay, I admit, it's not the most stellar deal in town BUT it is a good deal.  AND! I always feel full and satisfied when I leave.  You should check it out next time you go - tell them I sent you.  (They won't know who I am but you can tell them anyway...) 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 2

Brittany, age 1... roughly.  

In case no one saw my mom's comment from yesterday, I will relay what she said in regards to her thinking I was an unattractive baby.  "...you left out the part that I thought you soon grew out of it once the baby acne , etc. and I just thought you were a doll."  Sorry mom, I didn't mean to make it sound like you were a bad mother for calling me ugly.  Which, even if you disagree, I still think I was.  Since the next thirty-days are all about me, I won't hesitate to say what a cute 1 to 3-year-old I was.  Maybe it's the toe-head blonde hair?

Day 2 Festivities: Waxing Relief Society Garden Party (my original appointment was canceled)

Something about me: Coincidently, the activity at the RS Garden Party tonight was to write a fact about  yourself.  So I'll just reuse what I shared with the ladies at the party.  I love giving human traits to inanimate objects.  Perhaps this stems from when I was little and my mom used to make the leftover food on my plate whimper, as if it were sad that I wasn't eating it.  Needless to say, it worked, I couldn't bare the thought of "letting down" my food.  Today, I feel sorry for a blanket that's not being used, a coat that's been overlooked, or a dying plant.  Wyatt and I have even gone as far as adding googley eyes to our kitchen appliances.  Love it!  Something else I equally love is giving human traits to animals.  Yep, I'm one of those that loves the website I Can Haz Cheezburger.

Monday, July 16, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 1

Well, today marks day one of my Thirty Days of 30 celebration.  I decided if I had to graduate from my 20's, I was going to drag it out until everyone was sick of celebrating me (narcissism much?).  Wyatt is already tired of my celebration as he reminded me that he only had one party when he turned thirty.  It's not my fault he didn't milk it!  (He might've been grumpy when he said that because he was thinking about the boards he'll have to take next month.)

To celebrate, I've scheduled one small festivity everyday for the next thirty days.  I still have some holes in my calendar, so if you have any suggestions on what I should do to ring in my new decade - please do share!

Brittany, age baby.  My mom has always said I was the least attractive baby of all her babes.  
I used to think it was a bit harsh but looking at the pics, I cannot disagree.  
Luckily my older brother, Schuyler, is posing with me - since he was a pretty cute toddler.  Just focus on him.

Day 1 Festivities: Shuffleboard at the swim park

Something about me: Summer is my hands-down, all-time, without-a-doubt favorite season of the year. But, if you've read even one post on my blog, you already knew that.