Tuesday, July 31, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 15

Brittany, age 15.
My school photo was copied straight from my yearbook since the original was no where to be found.  We're in the midst of my "blonde phase."  What was I thinking?!  I know mom, you told me so...

Day 15 Festivities:  Costco cheese pizza
Before any of you naysayers chime in, just know that I was once ignorant like you.  I scoffed at the idea of ordering plain cheese pizza - "boring!" I would say.  However, I have since seen the light.  There is something about Costco's cheese pizza that makes choirs of angels sing!  Perhaps the thick layer of cheese baked to a perfect crispness?  Or the low, low price of $2 a slice!  Regardless, it is GOOD.  And a well-appreciated day 15 festivity!  (PS - Don't forget the Parmesan cheese!)

Something about me:  I love cold showers on hot days!  (I could count on one hand - with missing fingers - how many times the occasion to take a cold shower on a hot day in Oregon has presented itself.  It was a regular occurrence during the hot summer days in Chicago.)


Josette said...

funny that you and the little kids are wearing overalls. HA! i had some too.
that pizza looks delish.
cold showers. no thanks. never.
i will be so sad when 30 days of brit end!!!! so depressing to even think about it.

Anonymous said...

Hated this picture of me--but loved everyone else! And the overalls? Well, when Britty didn't want them anymore, I wore them to my office with a white turtle neck pullover. Can you believe I was small enough to fit into them? And always got compliments when I wore them, too. Why not! A woman in her early 50's youthful enough and shapely enough to wear them--and it was okay as it was the style at the time. So I wasn't wearing some freaky article of clothing not to be found in the stores.

Been waiting all day for an assignment, and nothing yet (last day of the month is funky) so think I will go get myself a Little Caesar's pizza which happens to be my personal favorite. Will eat two pieces, freeze the others individually and pop them into my bag one at a time when I go on my trips. Six treats!

Love, Momma

Rebecca said...

Wow, I've never seen anyone sport overalls so fashionably. (Honestly, you look like you could be modeling them in a magazine.) I had a pair that I loved, but stopped wearing when a boy in my class called me a "farmer hick girl".

I'm afraid I've never bought plain cheese pizza before, but Costco can make any food excitingly delicious. You're actually tempting me to go get some...