Monday, July 23, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 8

Brittany, age 7
My friend Josette pointed out that my "mullet years" began at age 5.  I laughed out loud because until her observation it never did register that my hair did resemble a mullet.  Sorry mom.  You can leave your defense in the comments section (though you've always known that I didn't like my short hair... love you!).  

I will say, I do like this picture of myself.  That was a hand-me-down dress from my sister and I always looked forward to the day that I could wear it.  I believe she is also wearing it in her second grade picture.

Day 8 Festivities: Spread good cheer  Try to spread good cheer
I made five loaves of zucchini bread this afternoon (two of which were duds since I forgot to add the eggs.  (Argh!)  Hence, why I made two more).  I was going to pay a well-over-due visit to two friends who had babes last month.  One was out of town and the other was away from home for the night.  Sigh.  That's what I get for attempting last minute drop-ins.  Next time I will call well in advance... before I bake the bread.

Something about me: I'm a sucker for stuffed animals... even now, at nearly 30-years-old.  So much so that I slept with a stuffed animal until the day I got married.  And still do when Wyatt is gone for the night.  And still find myself resisting the urge to purchase a cute stuffed animal I see at the store.

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Josette said...

ha! i am wondering how long the brittany mullet years last. funny. i had a bowl hairdo going on when i was little. i always ask my mom what she was smokin when she decided to cut and style my hair like that.
that dress is pretty cute.
so, how do you forget to put the eggs in?
and what did you end up doing with the bread?
did you eat it?
one time i baked zucchini bread for my neighbors and one of them (todd) wasn't home so i was going to take it later that day...and then i was in the kitchen and billy was in the living room and billy hears, "sorry todd". yep, i sliced into todd's zucchini bread.
whoa, long comment.
oh, and charlotte is also a sucker for stuffed animals...but she's 3. ha ha!