Tuesday, July 24, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 9

Brittany, age 8.

Day 9 Festivities: Picnic on Iron Mountain Trail
And guess what was waiting at the picnic table for us when we arrived... (look closely).  It joined us for dinner and (!) Wyatt said I could keep it if no one claimed it before we left.  I was super excited at first but now I feel a bit guilty because I'm wondering if I just shattered some little kid's hope.  I'm considering making a found poster with its picture and posting it on the picnic table.

An interesting happenstance:  Through random clickings and viewings on the internets, Wyatt discovered this music video back in January.  He fell in love with it instantly – the video and the song that is.  However, just as quick as he found the video, he lost it.  And by lost I mean didn’t catch the name of the band or the song before he closed out of the browser.  As a result, he spent months combing through our browser history desperately trying to locate the song (you think I’m being dramatic but this did indeed happen).  He asked around at school if any of his classmates had seen the video.  He even performed numerous Google searches with such phrases as, “music video with man hanging” and “song with man repeating himself quickly”.  You’re thinking the same thing I thought at the time, “that aint gonna get you anywhere.”  And I was right… Wyatt never found the mysterious video/song.

Fast forward seven months.  We’re in Harstine Island, Washington hanging out with our friend Jonah and his friend Mike.  Mike has this Wikipedia page up on his computer, an article on the short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce.  I ask Mike what he’s reading about and he explains that he saw a music video that reminded him of this short story he read in school.  So I ask him what the story is about and Mike begins to recite the story.  (It’s about a man that is hung off a bridge but escapes death because the rope breaks.  Once free, the man makes the journey home to reunite with his wife and kids.  Just as he runs toward his wife he feels a sharp pain in his neck and everything goes black…)  As Mike is summarizing the story Wyatt exclaims, “That’s it!  That’s the music video I’ve been trying to find!”  Mike then navigates to the “Colours” music video by Grouplove and the four of us sit there in awe as we learn “the rest of the story…” 

Something about me:  I love music.  I love the way it can make me feel or the way it reflects the way I feel.  

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