Wednesday, July 18, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 3

Brittany, age 2.  

Day 3 Festivities: Temple
Today's Young Womens activity was to visit the new('ish) Portland Temple Visitor Center.  I decided I'd squeeze in an endowment session between work and the activity.  

Miss G and M posing on the temple grounds with me.  

Something about me: I love the cafeteria at the temple!  I always make it my treat after I attend (sometimes before depending on time).  My usual: chef salad with ham (today it was with artificial crab meat, not as good), blue cheese dressing (I don't know what it is about their bc dressing but it is lip-smack'n good!), cup of soup (corn chowder today), and a GIANT cheese roll... with butter of course.  All this for $5.45!  Okay, I admit, it's not the most stellar deal in town BUT it is a good deal.  AND! I always feel full and satisfied when I leave.  You should check it out next time you go - tell them I sent you.  (They won't know who I am but you can tell them anyway...) 


Phoebe said...

I completely agree on the cafeteria. Although the last time we went, David refused to eat there because the special was Liver and Onions!

Collette said...

I love you Britty! Happy 30 days of 30! Everything about these posts make me happy!!

Josette said...

i bet the yw girls love love you.
i could use a giant cheese roll right about now.