Sunday, July 22, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 6

Brittany, age 5

Day 7 Festivities:  I'M SAILING!
Our trip to Harstine Island did not disappoint!  The day was filled of goodness, including: a relaxing morning walk along the beach, biscuits and gravy and french toast, swimming, napping by the pool, sailing in the Puget Sound, and "half-price" sushi.  And!!! our friend Jonah fished a baby jellyfish out of the water for me to hold.  You can't really see it since it's clear... and since it was a baby, it didn't sting me.  (I think we might've killed it fishing it out of the water.  Good thing it didn't die in vein - seeing that it was day 7 of my thirty-day celebration.)

baby jellyfish

those are Jonah's fingers... not a sensor

Something about me: I enjoy chores that offer instant gratification - such as power washing and mowing the lawn.  It's so satisfying!


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay. So THIS is my all-time favorite picture. What happened to the cutie one between this one and the last--you in a purple jumper or something like that?

Sounds like you had a good weekend and your birthday celebration is going "swimmingly". HAHAHAHA

Love, Momma

Josette said...

ah yes, so begin the brittany mullet years. my fave.
i can't believe your hair went from so so blonde to dark brown so fast.
glad you are living it up!