Thursday, July 26, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 11

Brittany, age 11.
My sister, Burgandy, is the most photogenic person I know.  You can take a picture of her just as she rolls out of bed and she will still look like a million dollars.  I, on the other hand, can spend hours prepping and preening and look like I just rolled out of bed every time my picture is taken. 

Day 11 Festivities: Makeup counter makeover Chipotle
I wasn't feeling up to the mall, nor the pressure of buying something.  Chipotle on the patio with Wyatt in the warm weather hit the spot.  I also cleaned both my bathrooms, which is something that always makes me happy.  (The result, not the actual process.)

Something about me: I love driving fast!  By the time I left for college I had received so many speeding tickets that my license was about to be revoked.  I beat the system by moving to Utah and getting a Utah drivers license.  At one point, when I was 17, I had a warrant for my arrest in the state of Utah because I hadn't paid a speeding ticket.  (I don't remember why it took so long for me to pay the ticket that it turned into a warrant.  Despite the fact that I liked to speed, I was diligent about paying my fines. There must've been some fluke/miscommunication on why this particular ticket didn't get paid as quickly.)  

When I was living in Chicago I begged my way out of a ticket by offering the officer a plate of homemade cookies.  I think he let me go ticketless because he felt sorry for my pathetic plea and not because he wanted the cookies.  

Oregon drivers are SLOW drivers, it drives me crazy sometimes always.  Though it must be doing me some good because since I've lived in Oregon I've received one ticket (in my car).  (The other ticket was while on my bicycle.)  

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Josette said...

ha! that olan mills picture is priceless. i love old pictures!
chipotle is a much better option than the make-up counter. no fun there.