Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Newest Member of the Family

427 lbs. 7 ozs, 919 cc, 106 horsepower...

I've wanted this bike since I first sat on one in a Honda dealership in 2003. Last Thursday I drove up to Seattle after work and bought one. So far it's done alot of sitting in the warehouse at work. Hopefully the sun will come back and I/we can go enjoy this thing.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Provo Canyon Skating

When I was going to school in Utah there were very few things I enjoyed as much as skating in Provo canyon. In November I was in Utah for work and got to skate the canyon with Jake and Jonah.

The cheesy pictures at the end just prove that I was actually there.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Today marked the FIFTH day in a row that Portland had a clear and sunny day! That's right, five days with NO rain - not even a single cloud! Which as you might know is not typical weather for Portland in the winter - now if you're talking about Denver...that's another story. However, these beautiful days have brought cold weather. Cold as in 32 degrees mid-day. Compared to other parts of the country we're in a heat wave! Anyway, throughout the week I have eavesdropped into several conversations where I have heard at least one person say, "I would rather it be rainy and warm than sunny and cold." Who are these CRAZY people?!!!! If you ask me - "cold is cold." Whether it is 32 degrees or 47 degrees it is still cold. So I would rather it be sunny. Even if it was zero degrees and sunny - I prefer that. So in honor of this bingo (five in a row) week I have set up a poll to see how many crazies are out there. Please feel free to participate!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boob Job

I'm going to try and get my money back...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wilsons on Wheels

The Wilsons went skating, which made for some pretty good video... enjoy!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jumping the Shark

Thanks to Jeanna's brother, Matt, for opening my eyes on the following subject...

The episode on Happy Days where Fonzie is water skiing and jumps over a shark is considered the turning point of the show. The point where the show went down hill. As a result, whenever any show turns for the worst it is said that the show has "jumped the shark."

As mentioned in my very first post - Season One - Arrested Development is one of our favorite shows to watch. There is some argument that the show did "jump the shark" but I am willing to argue that point. The show was only three (more like two and a half) seasons long so it had no opportunity to hit the point that made the show lame. And regardless of how many seasons it was - it is a great show! Even if the show never "jumped the shark" there is a scene where Barry Zuckerman (played by Henry Winkler, aka: Fonzie) jumps over a toy shark. An example of the shows subtle but funny humor. If you want to see for yourself - please refer to episode "Motherboy XXX" (Season 2, Episode 13).

If you're curious on what other of your favorite shows have "jumped the shark" - click here.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Picture Summary of the Holidays

Below is a quick picture summary of our Christmas and New Years. Looking at the pictures you'd never know that Wyatt and I have visited Seattle several times...and that Wyatt even lived there. Yes, we did all touristy things. Enjoy!

Chinese picnic on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning.

Christmas Morning.

SNOW!!!!! (in Oregon...on Christmas Day)

The organ pipes at the church in Seattle where the monks sing.

Wyatt longboarding.

Scenic photo (capturing the sun in all it's glory) at Green Lake.

Brittany longboarding (not looking as cool as Wyatt).

The look on Ryan's face after Wyatt asked the question, "How much does Rogaine cost?"
Wyatt and Rohan playing Wii.

Alki Beach - watching fireworks over Seattle skyline. New Years Eve.

Friends that helped ring in 2008.

Pike's Market

Me and my step-bro Jimmy.

My handsome husband looking handsome.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bonjour Danny Bonjour

Brett Shumway, a friend from BYU Hawaii and roommate at BYU - Provo directed a short film a few years back. It's now available to view and rank here ... .

It's about 15 minutes long, check it out. It's great.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Favorite Flicks of 2007

I've decided to share the list of my top ten favorite movies that I saw in the year 2007. Keep in mind the movie itself did not have to be released in 2007 but the first time I had ever seen the movie had to be in 2007. I'd recommend all of these movies - so if you're ever looking for something new to watch - check these out!!! Number one on the list represents my all time favorite for the year. Number 10 doesn't mean the worst movie I saw of the year (I have a long list of those that I'm not going to share). Number ten is simply the least favorite of my favorites.

10. Wild Hogs