Friday, January 4, 2008

Picture Summary of the Holidays

Below is a quick picture summary of our Christmas and New Years. Looking at the pictures you'd never know that Wyatt and I have visited Seattle several times...and that Wyatt even lived there. Yes, we did all touristy things. Enjoy!

Chinese picnic on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning.

Christmas Morning.

SNOW!!!!! (in Oregon...on Christmas Day)

The organ pipes at the church in Seattle where the monks sing.

Wyatt longboarding.

Scenic photo (capturing the sun in all it's glory) at Green Lake.

Brittany longboarding (not looking as cool as Wyatt).

The look on Ryan's face after Wyatt asked the question, "How much does Rogaine cost?"
Wyatt and Rohan playing Wii.

Alki Beach - watching fireworks over Seattle skyline. New Years Eve.

Friends that helped ring in 2008.

Pike's Market

Me and my step-bro Jimmy.

My handsome husband looking handsome.


josette said...

your hair is long. is that where ryan works? he looks like he doesn't belong there. i don't know why...i just imagine ryan selling couches at costco. fun pictures. now i must go get me a slim 4 at jimmy johns

Kelsey said...

looks like a fun holiday. aaron says you need to show us where the donut shop is when we are back in the states and needing donuts in oregon. or when we are needing donuts in washington and willing to drive to get them. also i don't see any pictures of you at the space needle so you aren't real tourists.

AJ said...

I always have demon eyes!!!!
It was really fun seeing you guys. We need to make a trip down. How about in Feb?

Anonymous said...

You saw Dad's Jimmy in Seattle? That was nice of you. Winning points with Dad and Maria both. It is ten years for them this year. So, I guess she is a keeper and my long held fantasy that someday Dad and I would get together again is just that--a fantasy. Lucky Maria. But then you would never have known Jimmy so you had one more person to visit in Seattle.