Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Favorite Flicks of 2007

I've decided to share the list of my top ten favorite movies that I saw in the year 2007. Keep in mind the movie itself did not have to be released in 2007 but the first time I had ever seen the movie had to be in 2007. I'd recommend all of these movies - so if you're ever looking for something new to watch - check these out!!! Number one on the list represents my all time favorite for the year. Number 10 doesn't mean the worst movie I saw of the year (I have a long list of those that I'm not going to share). Number ten is simply the least favorite of my favorites.

10. Wild Hogs


josette said...

just saw "juno" today...and LOVED it!! it was hilarious and the acting was great and it was just all around a flick. yup

jeanna said...

H and I saw Kitchen Stories a couple years back, it was an odd ball, but when you go to blockbuster and the movies on the shelves all have some type of sex or gore on the cover we start hunting for titles that look innocent and this one caught the eye. It was a little odd, but I'm okay with that.

I wasn't a wild hogs fan and rata freaked me out, seeing rats in the kitchen was gross for me, too real. I have problems separating fantasy and reality when disney depicts animals as real as humans.

Love the bourne flick, loved it. Want to see Juno, but I am on my own there, H won't see it. Lars sounds hilarious, but I am probably on my own there too. Thanks for the recommendations.

Clint& Jenifer& Carly Demaris said...

Junos good? I need to see that! Hey call us when you get back we need to play!