Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I'm just burning through pictures over here.  This is a snapshot of our day-to-day life.  Of course Ro is on our center stage.  The cutest main act ever!

I'll just

We had an ice storm in the middle of November.  Imagine what it'd be like to have your car covered in a sheet of ice.  That's what this picture is (zoom-in for better detail).

Ro decided he wanted to enhance his eyebrows.  

Turkey suit for Thanksgiving!  Thanks Goombaw!

You  must enlarge this picture to appreciate it.  Ro played "turkey bowl" soccer on Wyatt's shoulders.  He LOVED it!  Despite being whipped around like crazy.  

Pie?  Yes, please.

Like father, like son.  This makes my heart burst!

Ro is Seriously Handsome.

Setting up the tree!  What is this?

Sure wish I could download videos...this picture doesn't do the experience justice.  

Wyatt's new office.  Call to setup an appointment today!

A much needed nap after looking for a new home.
They even sleep the same.  I love these guys!


Jeanna said...

Ok, I know this is going to sound like a complaint, but dang girl! I wait and wait and wait for a post and some pics and then BOOM! you post multiple posts and a huge number of pictures. You have got to space this out! I mean, I am completely overloaded with Ro goodness and I feel overwhelmed. I need more time to adjust to the brightness of your son.

Great posts, great pics. You're rocking it...except you need to post more often. :)

Momma G said...

Seriously handsome, cute, darling, all boy, enchanting (yes, even a boy can be) and on and on and on.....

Love, Momma G