Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ryan Carlson

This one is for our friend Ryan Carlson. February 28th marks his 32nd birthday! For those of you who didn't know already, Ryan introduced Wyatt and me. So in hopes to return the favor we are in search for Ryan's wife. So for anyone who is a single woman or knows a single woman, this is for you! I've even made it easy for you to "sell" Ryan to the single ladies by making an acronym out of his name:

R - Ryan
Y - Yak, as in not a yak
A - Awesome
N - Narcoleptic

Okay, he's not narcoleptic. But he was half a day from being born on leap year. Which means he'd only be eight. But he's not eight, remember, he's 32. Here are some things about Ryan that are true. He is witty, many people have told him that he reminds them of David Spade. He's kind, friendly, motivated, driven, dresses nice, spiritual, generous (he donated all his old pots and pans to our cause, which some day we will donate back to him), fit and spends money on girls (in reference to dates - not what you may have been thinking). Hopefully that'll be enough selling points for you to have for your single ladies. There is one stipulation, his future wife needs to be 5'7" or shorter. He lives in Seattle but for the right girl - distance is not an issue. So get crack'n so Ryan can get hitched!

In case you're a single woman and happen to be in the neighborhood - feel free to stop by for his party...

The other Ryan is available too.


AJ said...

This post is the most genius I have ever witnessed. Amazing! And the poll...priceless.I really enjoy your sens of humor. And I will be damned if this does not find Ryan a gal.

Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

Oh, Ryan... We miss you!
We don't know any girls out here in Queens that are worthy of you, but can we come to your party?
Happy Birthday!

Dan said...

I'll add my part to the tribute to Ryan

Ryan likes milkshakes

Ryan helped make the Canoe House famous

Skateboarding with Ryan

Ryan helped shaved my head

And my very favorite Ryan starring in a short called "Making Up".

Oh yes I can't forget The hike

Kelsey said...

I especially like the photos in which Ryan appears to be eating peanut butter with a spoon straight from the tub.

Also Ryan has the best best best idea for a movie, that one day will be the best seller of all time.

Also I have heard from two sources (neither one of them being me) that he is GREAT kisser.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention--I think--that he took the photos at your wedding. That is a wonderful talent, and comes in real handy "recording" a family over the years.

Good luck and best wishes to Ryan's 8th b-day celebration.

Momma G

Tysha & Jacob said...

Well, you know my husband is the youngest member of the U1 Singles Ward Bishopric in we can surely hook him up with someone local (I have a few in mind...) Perhaps I will bring a truckload of eligible young ladies with us to the party!!!

Josette said...

hey! i made the blog! whahoo! hey, remember the time when ryan shoved that cake in your face??? that was awesome!!! i really didn't think he had it in him. haha, so funny.

hyker said...

um...please never do this for me.

Ryan said...

I don't hate Ryan nearly as much that picture with the two of us suggests. If this is what you do for 'available' people, please consider me taken, whether it's true or not.

Em said...

Um...I'm single and live in Seattle. :) I was all excited until I read that the ONLY stipulation was that the girl had to be 57" or shorter. Seriously...that's short! Sighhh...what happened to tall (and I'm not even THAT tall) women being sexy? It's OK stipulation is that the guy has to be at least 5'9". I'm guessing from the height stipulations, the illustrious Ryan isn't that tall.

And...I was reading all the comments, and I totally know Tysha and Jacob! They are in my ward. Very small world.