Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Final Destination

As many of you know, I followed Wyatt to Portland. So I was thinking of all the reasons Wyatt and I have continued to reside in Portland and it boils down to one reason - work. This is where we both have jobs and it doesn't make much sense to pack everything up and leave. However, I was trying to think if we were to move, where would I like to live. Below are my choices (in no specific order):

1. Raleigh, North Carolina - I've never actually been to NC but for some reason it just appeals to me. The green hills for Wyatt, green trees for me, mild winters, hot summers and cheap houses. Though, I'm not sure if it is big enough city for me...

2. Cincinnati, Ohio - I really like this city. Perhaps because it straddles the midwest and the east coast. Again, it has green hills for Wyatt, green trees for me, mild winters, hot summers and cheap houses. I guess the fact that it's a mid-sized city in a high metropolitan area is satisfying enough for me.

3. Seattle, Washington - I loved this city from the first day I visited in 2001. Probably where Wyatt and I really will settle down. It satisfies Wyatt's desire to live in the NW and my need to live in a big city.

4. Washington, D.C. - I love how it is saturated with American History. Central in the heavy metropolitan cities of the east coast. Green trees and two international airports.

5. Berlin, Germany - I lived here when I was two and would love to have the experience over again with a better memory. A central city in Europe with unlimited access to other major European cities.

6. Kiribati - We read a book about the author and his girlfriend living on the island of Kiribati. "The Sex Lives of Cannibals" - though he constantly relays his displeasures of the island, he still was able to live a positive impression. Enough for me to want to experience island life myself.

That is just a few of the places I'd like to try for a season. They really do change from day to day. However, in my whole thought process I was curious to know about my readers. So in hopes to make this an interactive post, I'm requesting that you answer my questions.

1. Where do you live now?
2 Why do you live there/how did you end up there?
3. Do you like it?
4. If you could choose where you wanted to live, where would you pick?
5. What influenced your choice for the above? Family, work, price of living, adventure?

I'm excited to read your comments!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I will be first.

I came to Denver to work in the fall of 1968 following my graduation from BYU in May. Do the math--this is my 40th year in Denver. And in spite of a couple of really bad experiences here (Jeremy's death and Ross leaving the family) I still love "The Queen City of the Plains" as it was called when I first arrived. I used to say only good things happened to me here, and basically that is true--I met Ross and got married here, my children were born here (all except Schuyler who was born in Virginia), my life here is rich with friends and experiences in the gospel, etc. etc. etc.

With the adventures of Dad's work I have lived in Virginia, New York, Sweden, and Germany. And in Chicago when I began with United. I think I could really live anywhere, but I do like the Rocky Mountain West, probably because I was born and raised here. I love the east and all the hardwood trees, and dappled sunshine, too, which isn't real prevalent in this neck of the woods.

So, I guess that is about it. I am satisfied with where I live, but I think I could live for a "season" elsewhere like I have five other times.

Work at United is better now that I live where I work. I think it would have been that way in Chicago if it had been a permanent move for me instead of temporary.

Home and where you live is what you make of it.

Love, Momma

Tysha & Jacob said...

This was fun to read - as we are thinking of relocating. (Sorry we missed meeting you at Ryan's party - being preggo can put a damper at unexpected times on the social life!)

1. We live in Seattle, WA. (Queen Anne Hill near South Lake Union - great views!)
2. I came to Seattle when I was 18 - I left once for my mission, and once to try out BYU/Utah and always came back (didn't even last a year in UT). I came b/c I "felt" I should be here, always kinda knew I would and stayed cuz it feels like home.
3. I don't like it at all - i LOVE it!
4. Seattle is pretty much perfect. I grew up in Oregon so I am a true NW girl at heart. But every once in a while I get achy for some more sun. If cost of living wasn't an issue, I'd choose Santa Barbara, CA for half the year, Seattle for the rest.
5. In all honesty, it's so sad to say, but cost of living is what is most heavily influencing where we will truly end up "settling down". If we only wanted 2 kids, we'd probably end up in NYC or San Fran (my husband is a graphic designer and those are the two hottest markets) but since we want to have (hopefully) 4 kids, we will probably end up moving to Portland. It's great because it's city, it's close to the ocean and the mountains, it's close to my family (they live in sunny Bend) and we can actually afford a house with a yard there. Seattle is perfect and we hate to leave - but who can afford a $450K fixer upper?

AJ said...

1. Currently living in Redmond Wa (soon moving to Bellingham)
2 We live here because Jake had to get some courses out of the way before he starts a program up at Western.
3. I like it. I would like living in a different house.
4. If I could choose to live anywhere it would be Hawaii again but more reasonably San Francisco are because that is my home. Not in the city though, just near it. But my #1 real choice is San Luis Obispo, California central coast.
5. My choice for living near San Francisco is near home and family, nice city and for Jakes future career that would be a great location. For the central coast for so many reasons; A few hours away from my parents, a few hours north of Southern California, nice beaches (gotta have a coast line) and family right there. And I think a lot of us siblings will eventually be down there. Two are already down there, one on the way and hopefully us in a few years.
That's that. I liked this. Good post Britt.

Dan said...

We live in Queens NY.

We ended up here because of a job.

I'm really enjoying it, and it gets better. The "I love NY" days outnumber the "I hate NY days".

We constantly talk about where would be the ideal place to settle down. We don't consider Queens our final destination. The NW always comes up, sometimes Utah and sometimes California. The main goal in most of these destinations is to be closer to family.

Josette said...

Kiribati, eh? have fun.

i live in holladay, utah...just moved here from chicago suburbs for work and family.
i like it a lot. i know there are lots of utah haters out there, but i love it. i love that i live 15 minutes or less from everyone in my family.
if i could choose, i would choose to live in utah...although we miss chicago and billy's mom and sister's fam.
i do think it would be fun to go on lots of vacations to cool different places...and then come home.
i think you already knew all of this about me.

Clint& Jenifer& Carly Demaris said...

You are you already know we share plenty of the same sentiments about Portland where I currently live...and I am here for my hubby and his work...and I wouldnt say I love it but I am really trying to, but really its like HARD with all this rain! I would live in TX until the day I died if I could, never met better people, and a way of life! And just about everything has influenced me to want to stay in TX forever: my fam, better economy,lots of sun, bigger city, price of living is CHEAP and waY better homes(quality)! and I really have to say the people there are very adventurous/fun/funny I miss walmart! OK so I dont think I offered you any new info, in fact I am sure that you are quite sick of hearing about my rants and ravings! So if you still want to be my friend I am still hoping you guys will meet us for dinner SAT night!

Collette said...

This is a fun idea.
1. Douglas, Wyoming
2. We're here because this is where Brent got a job!
3. It's just ok. It isn't horrible, but not the ideal place to live.
4. In reality we would like to live in Star Valley, Evanston, or Mtn. View (all Wyoming) because this is where our families are.
In a dream world I would love to live in a big city or Europe for a while.
5.Getting a job influenced where we live now. I think that jobs will continue to influence where we end up. That and where family is.

hyker said...

1. I live in beautiful (or maybe not) Quincy, Wa.
2. I grew up here at it's really really cheap.
3. Not so much. The best thing? It's within driving distance of Seattle.
4. Yes, Seattle is the place for me. It's the only place I've ever really wanted to live. I've lived in Provo, Japan, Minneapolis, Detroit and Seattle is the place for me. I like the weather...the surroundings, the culture, pretty much everything.
5. Money. I can't afford a thing in Seattle, let alone most of King County. It's taken me awhile but I have kind of come to accept that I'll never be able to live in Seattle again. Sad, but true. So who knows where I will end up. But I say go for Seattle! you will love it!

Jeanna said...

1. I live in Payson, UT.
2. Realized that we weren't getting a job out of state as planned and instead of flushing our rent money down the toilet every month, why not put it into a house payment? We wanted a new house instead of a 20 year old house and had to go to south Utah County to get it.
3. I love it and at this point won't leave unless absolutely necessary.
4. I miss the Bay Area, but based on wanting good influences for my children I would probably stay put in the Mountain West. If worrying about my children were not part of the equation I would love to try Great Brittain as well as most of Western Europe for a while, not permanently.
5. When you have kids and you want to put your roots down, adventures take back seat. I am really happy with my roots where they are. But like I said, if I knew my kids would be okay, I would try just about anywhere. Okay, maybe not Asia.