Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Like Mom

Momma, Me and MIL

I've finally come to that point in my life where I have become my mom...almost. Give me a couple of years, a few kids and I might be a spitting image. Or rather a talking replica. I've caught myself the last few months blurting out the exact phrases I grew-up hearing my mom say. The one phrase that caught me off guard and in turn, started my tally of "mom phrases" was this: "There's food to eat at home." I hated it when my mom said this as a kid. For one, it meant that eating out was out of the question. And it also meant that I had to be a little more creative on what was for dinner by searching the barren cupboards for something edible. Okay, the latter was a bit of an exaggeration. We always had food in the cupboards - it just wasn't instant food. I said this to Wyatt a while ago when he asked me if I wanted to eat out. To my defense, I had just gotten home from being at the grocery store. Sad to say, I've said it more than once since the first incident. Here are a couple other phrases/thoughts/behavior I've inherited from my mom:

1. "Put the dishes in the dishwasher"
2. "Close the shower curtain - it'll get moldy if you don't"
3. "Ripped my head off" (in reference to encountering wind when I walk out the door)
4. "It lacerated my mouth"
5. my obsession of cleaning
6. my ability to pray for a long time (I hated this when I was a kid...Wyatt's not too fond of it either)
7. my ability to leave long voice messages
8. waking up at ridiculous hours in the morning (4am) to go running - okay, this one is a lie. My mom is alone in her craziness on this one. I'm lucky if I can get up at 7am for work.
9. my love for doughnuts
10. "Killerdog" as in, "it was a killerdog day at work" or "that was a killerdog run" - to be hard, difficult, long (I am still working on incorporating this into my vocabulary more)

And one from my mum-in-law:
"there's some in the fridge that needs to be eaten" - Wyatt said this was a precursor to the type of meal he was going to eat and is still hesitant to eat the end result after hearing that phrase

Wait until after I have a couple kids and I just might say, "My Way", in reference in how to clean the bathroom, kitchen, family room, etc.

I love you mom!

Do you have any phrases you've inherited from your parents?


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA! I loved it! I can't believe you have no comments from Monday. How did I not see this myself yesterday before I left for that ghost trip to Calgary that I never got to take?

Anyway, as for phrases from my mom, I know there are some. But the one from my dad that STILL makes me cringe--and I am sorry to say I have used it a few times over the years--was "You assumed?" And it was not in the nicest way. Like how could you have been such a loser to just assume that people would do, things would go the way one might imagine they would.

Hey, compared to this year, I didn't look TOO bad last year.

Love, Momma

Kelsey said...

Those are some pretty great ones. I find myself saying awful stuff my dad said. For example when my little siblings (9 & 11) say "No, Dad!" I respond with his customary "No dad? Then you'd be an orphan." (Which I am aware doesn't make any sense, never did) And I also find myself telling the same awful puns all the time. Sounds like becoming your mom and MIL is much better. :)

Jocelyn said...

Haha! I love it! Have you also inherited the ability to, in your long prayers, fall asleep and continue speaking? I was always impressed by that, and it made bedtime at our sleepovers just that much more entertaining.

Let's see....
-"Just put the milk AWAY, it takes 5 seconds"
-"Don't put that pot in the dishwasher it'll get ruined. you have to wash it by hand"
-"Use your common sense" (that was Dad's big thing)
-"Can't you see that it's still dirty? Just bc you wiped it off doesn't mean it's clean"

This is making me sound like a clean freak. I wish I was a clean freak.

-"Are you sure you looked hard enough?"
-"You have to wash your underwear in hot-cold or it won't get clean"

It also sounds like I'm naggy....maybe I am naggy?

I've also inherited my 'no bum' from my mom, which I'm working hard to counteract. But that's not a learned behavior.

My mom would always randomly start dancing and clapping and sort of chanting....I randomly break out in song when I hear a word in any song I've learned since I can remember. Just ask Scottie.

That was a fun post! I'll let you know when I think of more...or accidentally spit one out.

Love Jocie

Collette said...

These are so funny. I can actually hear your mom say most of these! I remember the shower curtain one from staying at your house. To this day I have to have the shower curtain pulled all the way so it won't get moldy! Thanks aunt Georgia!