Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Job (and a contest!!!!)

Some days I feel like I have a pretty cool job. And other days...I feel like I can throw-up while I'm doing my job. I tell myself that it is normal to hate one's job sometimes and like it other times. I mean, really, who LOVES their job all the time?!!! I want to meet the crazies out there that can hardly wait for Monday to arrive.

Anyway, one part of my job is to write product descriptions for the products we sell on Amazon. I have written a product description for headphones, remote controls, cordless phones, guitars, hair clippers, calculators, digital picture frames, antennas, iPhone cases - just to name a few. Sometimes writing the descriptions is really easy and takes little thought. That's not me bragging. The truth of the matter is that the level of easiness depends on the amount of information I get from the manufacturer. The majority of the time, it's not very easy at all. And sometimes I feel the same way I did when I was in school -when I sat down to write a paper. (Imagine writting an essay every day at work). The majority of the time it's a matter of me taking the few (and I mean few) features the manufacturers list on the spec sheets and turning it into a full page description. Here is an example of the list of features I received the other day to write a detailed product description for a cell phone car charger. And by "detailed" I mean at least two paragraphs of description.

Product Features: Powers phone from vehicle; adjustable flexible head; green LED light to indicate charging; connectors included to enable rapid charging of various Blackberry/Treo models; lifetime warranty.

Not that I'm trying to skirt my duties but it's a cell phone car charger! How much detail does one need for the product?!!!! Maybe I'm upset because I lack in the creative realm. Maybe I am bitter that I struggle to squeeze two paragraphs out of three measly features.

I've decided to challenge my readers (I think I'm down to two now) to participate in the contest I'm hosting. I don't have a creative name for it, so I will just call it, "Product Description Writing Contest". The rules are you have to write at least one paragraph (8 sentences) describing the product I've outlined below I'll pick the top three (if I get that many) and Wyatt will pick the grand prize winner. Contest ends next Sunday the 27th. The winner will receive the prize of my choice, probably one of the products I've written a description for in the past. You're welcome to visit Amazon to get some ideas. Good luck!

Widget WD7649BL
compact size, orange LED light, automatic on/off, AC and battery (2 AAA) powered, retractable cable, semi-glossy finish, ergonomic shape, rotary dial

PS - if you don't participate, I won't feel bad. If it were me, I'd avoid this contest like the black plague.


Dan said...

Perhaps you've been searching for a widget? Perhaps you haven't, but this is the widget for you!

Widget WD7649BL's newest feature will solve your problem! It's ergonomics will conform to your buttocks no matter how large you are.

The faux rotary dial is perfectly round and provides perfect retro styling, and it even turns! The happy orange LED lights up to let you know when you are turning the dial.

The semi-gloss finish allows it to easily slide into your pocket with the power cable retracted. You can take this Widget on the road with two AAA batteries. The new patent-penting Auto ON/OFF technology will power Widget WD7649BL off as soon as you take out the batteries!

Collette said...

I'm not going to attempt all. I'm terrible at things like this. I don't blame you for hating your job some days. Were you an English major?
Anyway...I hope you get lots of participants!

ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

As soon as I find out what a widget is, I might try.. I suck at trying to describe things. your job would stress me out so bad!!

Charlotte said...

At 3” by 1”, the compact size of the Widget WD7649BL allows convenience for those constantly on the go. A 5mm round orange LED light indicates use by flashing intermittently, with the widget containing an automatic on/off mechanism to save power. 10’ cable allows widget to be placed in nearly any location for AC power use, with auto-retracting feature allowing quick and efficient packing for the mobile user. Widget can also be powered with 2 AAA batteries (not included). The semi-glossy finish provides fitting d├ęcor for an item that speaks professionalism, but at a price that all can appreciate. The state-of-the-art ergonomic design is a model of effectiveness, applying the latest engineering advances and methods to promote ease-of-use. Nostalgic rotary dial provides ability to calibrate settings according to desired results. Meets all government and industry regulations and standards. Patent pending.

Anonymous said...

The Widget WD7649BL is compact in size. Widget contains an orange LED light. Widget comes with automatic on/off functionality. Widget can be powered by either AC or batteries (2 AAA). Widget includes cable that retracts. Finish is semi-glossary. Widget comes in ergonomic shape. Dial is rotary in style.

Jeanna said...

I really want to participate, but I need a visual. Do you have a picture of said widget? I have no idea what the heck a widget is. Help.

Kari & Isaac said...

Hey- I just found your blog and I love that you make it interactive . . . too bad I do math!

Josette said...

i like chocolate cake

Jeanna said...

Widget WD7649BL

Have you been searching for the perfect widget? This one is for you. This widget is featured in a classy semi-glossy finish. The ergonomic shape will never bring you any discomfort. The compact size fits perfectly in your hand and the rotary dial makes this widget extremely easy to use. The orange LED light is bright enough to notice, but not too distracting while you work. The automatic on/off will enhance your busy lifestyle as will the AC and battery (2 AAA) power. The retractable cable is yet another feature that adds to your busy and clutter-free lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I admire you for the work you have to do. I'm not sure I could do this kind of writing. So, hats off to a definite kind of talent.
Love, Momma

PS you have some great entries