Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Live Spider

I received a visit from an unexpected visitor yesterday.  I was in my bathroom, clad in my birthday suit - when out of nowhere it appears.  Dangling.  Taunting me with its eight legs, knowing full well I wasn't going to kill it in the buff.  Such a clever creature.  Instead I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a giant yellow cup, swooped my unwanted guest into said cup, and covered it with the heaviest book I could find under urgent circumstances - Jane Austen, The Complete Novels.  I then left the following note for my roommate: "Live spider - do not let loose."  And off to work I went...

When I got home from work I found an empty yellow cup with the following note:

Wyatt admitted later that he released the spider into the wild.  I'm glad he did.  Honestly, I was starting to feel pretty guilty that I trapped him in the first place.  I couldn't imagine leaving him captive all day, only to kill him.  Run free little friend!


Josette said...

first of all...that picture is disgusting. second of all, do you really want the world to be overrun by spiders? thirdly, i am VERY disappointed that that spider is not DEAD!!! KILL THE SPIDERS!!!

Josette said...

i did enjoy when you said you left it for your "roommate". i was wondering who the hay your roommate is...and then i was like, oooohhhhhh. gotcha. but really, you should have killed it.