Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tulip Fest

One of the best things about living in Oregon is being able to enjoy all the greenery...and non-green greenery. Two weekends ago Wyatt and I attempted to go to the Tulip Festival. However, like everyone else, we decided to go on the nicest day of the year. It was sunny and 79 degrees. When we turned onto the road the farm was located on - there was a LONG crawling line of cars. We were on the moto - dressed in all our moto getup - and roasted in the line for about two minutes before we decided to throw in the towel. (Later we found out from some friends that they waited in the line of cars for two and a half hours. Eeek!) We decided to try a second take this past weekend and proved to be successful. The crowds were at a minimum and the tulips were beautiful...as you can see from the pictures. The only downfall was it was FREEZING! I guess that's what we get for foregoing the nicest day. Regardless, it was still beautiful!


Wyatt the farmer

Brittany the tulip

More tulips

Us and the tulips

Me and the tulips


Jeanna said...

Your pics make me wish we could have gone to our Tulip Festival. However, picture yourself in that last pic with your hair completely horizontal to the ground, with dust in your eyes and no visibility of that tree out yonder and that would have been us at the festival. Not to mention, biting the grit in your teeth every time you mouth breath for even 2 seconds.

Okay, I'm a little bitter.

Liz said...

oh my, your hair has gotten so long!

Anonymous said...

Pretty. You were too little to remember our trip to Holland--and all the fields and fields of tulips for mile after mile. It must have been imprinted on you, though, to have to yen to enjoy such a beautiful sight--wherever in the world they may be!

I would like to see some breath-taking sights like that again.

josette said...

whoa, your hair IS really long.

Kim said...

Wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as Tulip Fest! Very cool...I have to join in on saying your hair IS really long! (not that you hadn't noticed!) ;)

mom/Janet said...

Bill and I went to the tulip festival last year north of Seattle. It was a beautiful day. It was fun to see you this past Saturday. We should get together more often since we live in the northwest. The diner we were telling you about is called Byway Cafe. Check it out and let us know if it is worthy of a visit.

Jen Demaris said...

Im so mad I completly miss out on the tulips this year...so totally LAME!