Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moto Momma

in case you were wondering, that's me on the back of the bike. we traded bikes with Wyatt's dad so I could have a more comfortable ride. Wyatt's real bike is the black one parked next to us.

I got to be Wyatt's Biker Momma last weekend. What a blast! Wyatt and I were both so excited the night before our trip, we had a hard time falling asleep. We took a short tour of Eastern Oregon with Wyatt's Pa, brother, and friend from church. I don't have much to say about the trip, just some singular thoughts:

I like Eastern Oregon, it reminds me of Colorado.

It got pretty steamy in our full moto gear cruising around in the hot, hot sun. I can't complain though, I had some eye witnesses tell me that Portland didn't see the sun until 2pm the whole weekend. I was feeling pretty smug for dodging the clouds. HA!

I like riding on the moto. It's fun to just relax and enjoy the ride.

Sometimes I wish Wyatt wasn't such a stickler about wearing full moto gear so I could feel the wind on my face and fully enjoy the sunshine.

I'm always grateful that Wyatt makes me wear full moto gear because it means he loves me and wants me to be safe. Even if I don't want to follow his rules sometimes...

I'm glad my shower on Friday morning was hot. It made it easier to take a shower Saturday morning knowing that the water was hot...even though the shower tricked me on Saturday morning and it was really FREEZING cold!

I like breakfasts at "taxidermist dinners". The biscuits and gravy, pancakes, and eggs were really good.

I like Wyatt's dad a lot. He makes me smile.

I like going on moto trips with Wyatt when he doesn't have any classes to worry about. I just wish his "summer break" lasted longer than four days.

our first and only camping trip of the year.

i LOVE waking up to clear blue skies!


Dan said...


Jeanna said...

Taxidermist dinners? I'm confused.

I think its super cute that you love Wyatt's dad. I remember you telling us how he plants tomatoes that you like and I think that is a great FIL/DIL relationship you have there.

And, YAY Wyatt for forcing B. into full gear. H. and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Team Carroll said...

I'm glad too that Wyatt makes you wear full moto gear. My kids comment on EVERY motorcyclist or bicyclist that passes by on if he or she has the right gear on; I've ground it into their heads that much. Yet, when I go on a bike ride, I have to grimace each time it is time for my helmet. It's definitely not the coolest look or feel, but I'd rather come back alive!! :) I've always felt this way, and after hearing some horror ER stories from Patrick, I'll never go otherwise.

Collette said...

What a fun trip. Yeah, what is a taxidermist dinner? I don't get it.

Wyatt has confirmed that he is really a great guy (remember I've never met him) by making you wear the appropriate gear while riding! Ever since my friend died from a motorcycle accident I am sick when I see people riding without a helmet.

PS. What is Wyatt in school for? I don't think I've ever heard.

Josette said...

sounds like fun. what exactly IS full moto gear? like leather jacket and leather pants and big black boots and american flag bandanna? and of course the helmet. i think if i rode a motorcycle i would want to wear a helmet that didn't cover my face...but then if we crashed i might get road rash all over my face but at least my brain would be okay...hopefully.

Jeff said...

Wow. I can't believe that you are a full on biker chick. Pretty cool. Actually, I've been thinking about getting a motorcycle. It could be kind of fun. And yes, Eastern Oregon Rocks! As does Eastern WA.

Hansen Family said...

Too fun Brit! I want to be a moto chick. Maybe when all the kids are grown I will have the time. Yes, we did move to Georgia! Just fulfilling our military commitment of 6 years, probably all here. Love it so far...Uel deploys in December:(

The Babkm5 said...

hey...we were wondering where you guys where. We have been wanting to hang...well looks like you guys had a blast!

Satirical Gangster said...

Is that Crescent Oregon? I though I recognized that parking lot.