Thursday, December 17, 2009

On My Mind...

1. Wyatt bought a heated blanket for me. I was apprehensive of the idea at first (images of my home and body going up in flames). However, my eyes have seen the light! I LOVE this little gem. I literally laugh with glee each night as I get into my toasty warm bed.

2. In reference to the story of the birth of Christ, Joseph doesn't get nearly as much attention as he deserves. Not that Mary and Jesus don't deserve the attention they get. I just think that it took a lot of faith, support, love, and courage to do what Joseph did. I have come to have a great love and appreciation for him.

3. We had a 10-day (or around 10-day) streak of clear blue, sunshiny skies. It was bitter cold though. It made me miss Chicago terribly. I prefer "sunny and cold" over "rainy and warm". Because when it is "rainy and warm", warm is really like 45-degrees. Which is still cold in my book. And when you're getting rained on in "warm" weather you end up getting wet...and cold. So really it's not "rainy and warm" but it's "rainy and cold".

4. I may be calling the kettle black since I am not one who typically speaks grammatically correct. In fact, Wyatt is constantly correcting me. I guess I'll blame him for this point. It hurts my ears when a person says, "He took a picture of Wyatt and I." Me, it's ME! "He took a picture of Wyatt and ME." It drives me crazy when people use the word "I" incorrectly. Rule of thumb; drop the other person to determine how it sounds. You wouldn't say "he took a picture of I."

5. Equally as bad is when a person gets the order mixed up and says something like, "Me and Wyatt are going to the zoo." Be courteous and put the other person before yourself. :)

6. Along the same lines of grammatically incorrect is when a person says, "I could care less". Really, you could care less? How about you couldn't care less?

7. I like life best when Wyatt isn't stressed about school. Life is still good when he's stressed about school. It's just more good when he's not.

8. I really like the Christmas song "Silent Night". It took me several years to really appreciate it. Each time I listen to it now, I get a little misty eyed. I think it captures the spirit that was probably present at Christ's birth the best.

9. I've decided to graph my level of happiness compared to what day of the week it is:

(note: Friday's are my day off from work)

10. Someone in my office stole some customer samples off my desk while I was at home last night. They were there last night when I left work...and they weren't there when I arrived this morning. Usually I'm the last to leave at night but last night was an exception. This is the second time something has mysteriously walked off my desk. Why does this only happen to me? My coworkers are going to think I'm sabotaging my stuff for attention...

11. My husband is smart. He earned straight A's again this term! Let's hope our kids inherit his brain.


AJ said...

Thank you for your words on Christmas. I am having a hard spiritually getting in the zone for this holiday. I don't understand church half the time here and am in Primary as well. Boo. So me need to get me mind in gear so me can appreciate the holiday.
I also like your words on grammar. Maybe you could give me private lessons? I could use them, in all seriousness though.
I am not going to lie. The graph was my favorite part about this whole post. Have a happy weekend pretty lady.
Give me a call sometime!

Josette said...

i know all about your weather preferences, but i had no idea you were a grammar snob.

and, i laughed at aj's comment with all the "me" talk. funny.

i agree, i think joseph is awesome and deserves a lot of credit...which i try to give him as much as possible. he is in all of our manger scenes for sure!

ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

I and Eliot and Leia wishes you a merry Christmas, and thanks you for a your great insight on Joseph.
Actually I was listening to a wonderful program today on the mormon chanel, that described what Joseph might have gone through, while telling the christmas story. It was very inspiring.

Jeanna said...

On #5: Yes, you should put the other person first, but in that case it would be "Wyatt and I are going to the zoo." Not Wyatt and me....

Grammar snob myself and I CANNOT STAND the "I could care less" comment..... I want to scream when I hear it.

Just as Mary was chosen to be the mother of the Joseph was chosen and had qualities that were unearthly that helped him fulfill his divine calling as the father of Jesus on earth.

I like random thoughts, makes me feel normal! :)

Looking forward to your trip???

Team Carroll said...

2 - good point; 4-6 - I totally agree, but you also forgot to include the word "irregardless" (it's priceless); 7 - you should have said "more gooder" ha, ha; 11 - great job Wyatt!

Anonymous said...

For all of those who have already posted, you will miss this little gem of a poem I discovered years ago when I taught a lesson about the birth of the Savior in RS almost 35 years ago. That, along with BYU Professor Clinton F. Larson's beautiful play about Mary, was when I realized Joseph was really one special Priesthood man.

But, before I include the poem, "Congrats!" to Wyatt on yet another successful term at school. I well know Britty's feelings about how much less tension there is when the spouse is on break from work and school. But the years go by quickly, and pretty soon the number of years "in school" will soon be exceeded by the number of years "since school". In the meantime just hang in there and do the best you can--one day at a time.

By Gilbert Thomas

Who has not caroled Mary,
And who her praise would dim?
But what of humble Joseph:
Is there no song for him?

If Joseph had not driven
Straight nails through honest wood;
If Joseph had not cherished
His Mary as he should;

If Joseph had not proven him
A sire both kind and wise:
Would he have drawn with favor
The child’s all-probing eyes?

Would Christ have prayed “Our Father”
Or cried that name in death,
Unless he first had honored
Joseph of Nazareth?

Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

Oh man, you crack me up! but mostly because I totally get you. I think people often think I am using poor grammar when I say "me" instead of "I" in such said cases.
I also remember someone correcting me once when I said I couldn't care less. She said, "oh, you mean you could." I just looked at her b/c I figured explaining myself was pointless.

I think I need a graph too. Dan could probably understand me a little better that way, as long as it was in a Google doc...