Sunday, January 3, 2010

While in Costa Rica We...

Enjoyed the scenery:
Saw lots of animals:
howler money

hermit crabs

cocodrilo (aka: crocodile)

"Jesus Christ" lizard (named for its ability to walk on water)

two-toed sloth

some animal i don't remember the name of

carriblanca monkey (eating a stolen sandwich)

Costa Rican deer

Scarlet Macaw (aka: parrot)

another hermit crab


(animals not pictured: toucans, squirrel monkeys, purple eels, geckos)

Were beach bums:

Ate lots of good food:
(my prize was a giant ball of crystallized sugar. a far cry from the fruit loop prizes in the states.)

Relaxed in hammocks (which turned out to be nearly a daily/nightly event):

Swung from trees (or cables tied to trees):

Drove through rivers:

Made phone calls (on the phone booth with the most beautiful view in the world):

Went swimming in "La Picina Natural" (that had cloudy water):

Hiked through the jungle:

Went shopping (aka: " WalMart Latin America"):

Saw a volcano (at least the crater of one):

And went to the temple...or rather saw the temple:

Yeah, so it was a great trip. And now I feel smug because I have a mid-winter tan. Although, going back to work wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. It's only day two and I already feel like I need another vacation. Yikes! I guess for now I'll have to escape to my memories of Costa Rica... Sigh.


Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

It all looks so amazing! I've always wanted to go.
(Did you ever see the movie Ryan and his buddies made on their trip there? )
We'll pick your brain when we decide to go :)
Thanks for the fantasy transport on this cold, dreary day.

Dan said...

looks awesome. and fun. and warm. and excellent. I'll take it.

Collette said...

Looks like so much fun! And PS. I loved your Christmas card. We laughed and laughed when we got it. You guys are hilarious.

Phoebe said...

Heavenly! I can't imagine why you thought it would be easy to go back to work:)

Jeanna said...

So beautiful! Sounds like the perfect vacay: Food and relaxation!

Yep, work will always be just that: work!

Start planning your next big gig! That is what keeps Harold going. He has to have a plan in the works.

Jeanna said...

Oh, and I'm with Collette, your best Christmas card yet.

Josette said...

looks like fun. except the food looks a bit sketchy...i'm sure it was delightful though. i'm jealous of your mid-winter tan...i can't even get a mid-summer tan. blast!

Mel said...

Looks So SO SO fun! I am totally jealous of the mid winter tan :) I am glad you guys had a blast and had such a great time. Makes me want to go again.... how about end of April?

Tysha said...

Looks pretty much like heaven to me! So glad you got to go and enjoy it!

jeff17gold said...

El Desconocido y La conocida

Britty, Jeff Golden here. Thanks a bunch for the Christmas card and the update letter. It has taken me about 20 minutes to figure this blog stuff out so I am happy to finally be able to write something. It sounds like you are doing well in the land of moss and lattes. Things are going well down here and it was good to see a picture of Harold (the old fart!) and Jeanna (Mrs. Nichols II). My e-mail is I would like to hear from all the Nichols gang as I get semi-annual updates from the big cheese: Mama G!! Love to you all Jeff

AJ said...

Your photos are fascinating. The trips looks amazing.

So much I want to talk to you about! I will keep calling you until you answer!

Liz said...

Looks like a great vacation!! Glad you had a good time and I am totally jealous of your mid-winter tan :)

Andrea said...

Well, that's what you get for going for 2 weeks! Jealous am I! I'll be lucky to drop the baby weight before summer to get a mid-summer tan! Loved the Christmas card.