Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fragile as a Flower

Brittany Ray

My mom-in-law is a dahlia collector. She has a garden full of them in a variety of shapes and sizes and...names. Two of the dahlias share the same name as two of her daughter-in-laws. So when she received the 2010 catalog from Swan Island she was thrilled to see they added a Brittany Ray to their collection.

Katharine decided to relieve my stress of what to buy her for Mother's Day and requested that Wyatt and I buy her the Brittany dahlia. Well, we were too slow for her liking so she decided to take matters into her own hands and order the dahlia herself (we'd reimburse her of course). With credit card in hand she called Swan Island to place her order. To her dismay, Swan Island told her they could not fulfill her order because, and I quote, "the Brittany dahlia died because it was too cold." HA! Coincidence? I think not.


Gel said...

That is too funny.. maybe you will be in full bloosom in July!!
Happy Birthday to Wyatt!

Team Carroll said...

That's hilarious!

As a side note, I just gained a testimony of my namesake. My first best friend in school was Melissa Joy. I was Amie Dawn, so we joked about both being dishsoap names. Someone recently referred Dawn dishsoap to me as a great grease-cutter (for pots and pans), so I finally tried it. I'll never go back to the generic kind for pans again! It's amazing! Too bad I'm not as good at cutting through grease as it is. :)

By the way, you are not cold! You are one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. :) I miss you!

Jeanna said...

So, the little Brittany flower was too delicate? Cute. But, darn that flower is GORGEOUS! I want to collect dahlias now!

AJ said...


LOVED this post!

P.s. We are a NO go for Hawaii. Apparently a 3 day layover is an $1100 ticket. Jake's company won't go for it. :( Enjoy the island. Take so many photos. I am SO happy for you and really jealous at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Funny!!!! Good thing your MOTHER has requested something in perpetuity for each Mother's Day that is not as delicate. MY request will NEVER be denied!

Anonymous said...

FUNNY!!!!! Good thing your MOTHER has requested in perpetuity for each Mother's Day something that is not so delicate. MY request will NEVER die from the cold!

Josette said...

i love dahlias. this makes perfect sense to me. no coincidence. you should probably move to arizona just in case.

Mel said...

Dear Weather,

It is almost summer. Get with the program.