Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ode to Summer

Summer I just want you to know,
It's about time!
Perhaps now you'll convince the sun to show?

All right, I'm just going to quit my attempt to rhyme and cut straight to the point. Look here summer, I understand that technically up until this point it was "spring". But tomorrow the calendar says "June 21st" on it. That means it's summer solstice. Which means you have to be here whether you like it or not. It has been cold, rainy, and frankly I'm sick of it. Even my web-footed Oregonian husband has been complaining about your late (but technically on-time up to today) arrival. So get out there and give it your 100%! I promise you I will make it worth your while. Have I ever let you down?

Your biggest fan,

PS - Have you ever read the short story "All Summer in a Day"? I have been feeling like perhaps you were trying to act out the scene in this story. I would be an emotional wreck if you did decide to ever do this to me. So don't.

1 comment:

Josette said...

come here. summer is in full swing. oh, and i don't feel sorry for you cuz i know where you will be going soon.