Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunny Colorado

Since my momma is a flight attendant for United, it is very rare that I get to see her while I'm visiting in Colorado. She's usually up flying the friendly skies. So when she told me her vacation was set to be the first week in October, I made arrangements to visit her during the duration of her break... It was so many months ago that we had planned my visit that it's hard to believe it has already come and gone. Sad. I had a blast hanging with my mom for ten straight days!

There wasn't one specific moment that stuck out, it was simply fun to spend time with her.
Some things we did while I was visiting were: cook and eat some Nichols family favorites, walk around Johnstown Lake every morning, attend the temple, go shopping, go to the movies, sit and chat, stayed up late every night, and worked on a special book project my mom has.

It was a pleasant trip and it seemed like our time together had drawn to an end too quickly. Though I was happy to return home to Oregon to hang with Wyatt, I was terribly sad that I couldn't stay longer with my mom. It's true, home is where mom is.

I love you momma! Thanks for making me feel so special!

Walking around Johnstown lake. (Notice how SUNNY it is?)

Mom modeling the delish pumpkin pie I made

Hanging out with my big sis Burgandy

My "brother-in-law" Jason on his wedding day, with my two nephews

All the Colorado grand people and me (sad the other three weren't able to play with us)

Wyatt had flowers waiting for me when I returned home - what a sweetie!


Jeanna said...

Thanks for posting all the pics on FB. The Utah contingent all gathered around the computer to take a look.

Love W3's card!


Abbie said...

Cutest note ever!

Andrea said...

AWwwww! What an awesome adoring husband you have! I even made Kevin look at it to inspire him.

Jen said...

So sweet! Your mom is adorable! I am sure you miss her a ton being so far away! Love the sunny lake! It looks a lot better than our sorry excuse for a lake...

Collette said...

Fun pictures. I haven't seen some of that family for a really long time! Glad you had fun.

Lizzy Lambson said...

Auuugh, I'm jealous you got to go to Colorado! I have been missing that state--although I never thought I would when I left. But every time I visit it's so beautiful--the big blue sky, the golden fields, the mountains, the white snow. I miss CO!

Josette said...

so glad you had a great time. and good for wyatt to include food in your homecoming card...he knows you so well.