Wednesday, June 13, 2012

They Grow Up So Fast

Meet Horse.   

We adopted him for Wyatt’s Cowboy Roller-skating 30th Birthday Party four years ago.  Like all good parents we provided a roof over his head, a comfortable place to sleep, and loved him unconditionally despite those challenging teenage years.  

This past December we decided to cut the apron strings and release Horse into the real world by donating him to the children's unit at OHSU.  We were confident he would live uprightly and make us proud parents.   

Well, in February when we were visiting Wyatt’s aunt and uncle, we happened to catch this video on MTV.  Which is interesting that we even saw the video because we don’t have MTV at home, so it was obviously meant to be.   In case you don’t want to watch the entire video skip to frames 2:23-3:00.   

And in case you can’t quite comprehend what you just witnessed, here is a close-up:

Wyatt and I just stood there open-mouthed and horrified!  Flabbergasted that Horse, our Horse, would become victim to such barbaric practices!

And that’s why you never send your kids to college.  Rest in peace Horse.  Rest in peace.


Abbie said...

Just curious, but how are you certain that it's your horse?

Julie J. said...

Ha! Do you really think it's him/her?

Josette said...

maybe he is acting this way to spite you for naming him "horse". thanks alot mom and dad. i will pray for him.