Friday, October 5, 2012

Family Photos 2012

Wyatt and I have been married for 5+ years and haven't had any official family pictures taken.  (I know, we don't have kids... even so, we're still a family.)  In the rare event that we have any pictures taken with the two of us in the same frame... they're self taken.  Pictures that usually resemble something like this:

So I decided it was about time to document what we really look like.  Even though we did dress up for the photo shoot... and the pics don't really document what we really look like on the average day.  They document what we really look like when we dress up to get our picture taken.  None-the-less, I'm okay with deceiving my posterity - convincing them that I always look this cute. 

I think this picture best mimics our marriage.  
This is us, in a nutshell.

And let me just say here, Wyatt is worse than a little kid when it comes to getting his picture taken.  So much so that I dare write this - permanently - on my blog... for the world to see!  There was non-stop griping on his part the entire 45-minutes leading up to the photo shoot.  And he sounded like a little kid too: "I don't want to get my picture taken, I don't like having my picture taken, I don't want to wear that..."  I am not exaggerating, Wyatt did say these words.  And I actually did say these words: "Just do this for me, please!"  (Isn't that what all moms say to their kids?)  What am I going to do when we do have kids?!  I am going to have to lock Wyatt in the closet so he doesn't influence our children and their opinions on family photos!

I like this picture better than my original 30-year-old picture.

Despite Wyatt's resistance, he did put on his best face and was able to convince the camera - and you - that he enjoyed the entire affair.  Thanks Wyatt!  And thanks to my friend Pam, she put up with Wyatt's resistance, and my natural hesitance toward the camera. 

Love the flowers.

I am beyond pleased with the final product(s)!  Pam did an amazing job!  I specifically asked her to take our pictures because she has a natural eye for photography.  Well, let's be honest, Pam is just naturally talented.  She is an artist.  You can contact her at her blog if you're interested in having your picture taken... or if you want to purchase some fancy jewelry she makes... by herself!  Pamela Susan

 Don't tell Wyatt I posted a kissy pic.  
I like this one because it's not cheesy, it's real.


Pamela said...

Awww, you two are just too cute!! I'm thrilled you are happy with your pictures!! I loved taking them. :)

Josette said...

these are very cute. i love the description of wyatt during the photo session. funny stuff.

Gel said...

Those are beautiful pictures!!! I am loving your shoes!! It makes me want to go get family pictures!!

Ashley said...

Fun! ...Spencer and I love those t-rex sketches.

Unknown said...
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bontovi said...

Awesome Pics Brittany!!! You guys are such a good-looking couple!!! Miss yoU!