Friday, July 18, 2014

Double Digits

The flaps on the clock have turned and Roosevelt is now navigating through life with double digits.  Robot is 10-months!  But wait, do robots speak binary?  If so, he is not 10, he is 1010-months!  (Yeah, I had to google that one...)  Of course this post is 18-days late, so I am racking my brain trying to think of his tactics from three-weeks ago.  Here goes!

Ro has mastered the art of crawling.  Though, crawling is merely the means to get to the multiple things he can use to pull himself he can proceed to walk.  He loves walking!  And standing.  He always, always, always wants to stand.

Ro now has seven teeth, as his third bottom tooth came in.  Not sure where its buddy on the other side is.  He was a real pit those few days as the tooth came in.  Which, being a pit for Ro, is still quite bearable.  Of course after the tooth cut, he was our usual happy boy.  Gosh, I really LOVE this age!  Everything he does is cute!

Lately Ro has been in the business of not wanting to go to bed.  The reason: he wants to stay up and play.  Admittedly, it is pretty hard to resist his pleas.  Usually he'll cry, the kind of cry where you think he's hurt, and then when you pick him up he starts pulling all his cute playful tricks.  Smart boy. 

Ro is more curious than ever.  Still in the way of, "How does this work?"  I think most kids like to pull things out of cupboards and drawers.  Ro likes to see how the cupboards and drawers work.  Open and close.  Open and close.  Open and close...  Apparently he likes teeth too.  The above picture was captured as he was giving me a full dental exam.  

Happy anniversary to me!  Wyatt bought me flowers.  I thought I'd include this for posterity sake.  There was a strong hint on my part.  I bought a new vase from the thrift store.  One that'd fit a healthy-size bouquet of flowers.  And I left it on the counter empty the days leading up to our anniversary.  Good job Wyatt for fulfilling your husband duties.  

This is my current favorite picture of Ro.  Robot in his robot shirt.  He looks less like a baby and more like a little boy.  I think it captures his persona really well.  This is Ro.

We woke Ro up on the Fourth of July to see the fireworks.  We made the half-mile trek to the Swim Park.  Ro was pretty stoked that we woke him to venture outdoors in the backpack carrier.  And after initial apprehension, he was excited about the firework show.  There was a lot of arm flapping.  

Wyatt's sister were in town visiting...  Of course I am terrible and forgot to take pictures.  That's Malya in the background.  And Katharine fishing for the chicken Ro had stuffed in his cheeks.  Usually he is really good about eating the solid foods we feed him.  For whatever reason this time he thought he'd act like a chipmunk and save his food for later.  Maybe he was sucking the flavor off of the chicken?  

This is Ro's cousin Avery.  Avery is four and is already an "independent woman" (queue Destiny's Child).  That little girl is cute!  She was taken by Ro and loved to be near him and help him do everything.  And Ro being Ro was very patient and tolerant with her.  I think he even loved the (rough) attention.  

We went up to Seattle so Wyatt could do some dentist stuff.  Uncle Bob and Auntie Chris were gracious enough to let us stay with them AND watch Ro while we went out with some friends.  Ro was supposed to be sleeping in his crib...but Auntie Chris wanted to play so Ro got to stay up late.  Finally when he was tuckered out he fell asleep on Uncle Bob.  Which, as before mentioned, RARELY happens!  I think Uncle Bob is quite smitten by Ro.  Another time when Ro was supposed to be napping, Bob swooped in and rescued him from his crib.  I think Ro likes Bob too.  

Here is Wyatt's new dental office!  Sort of.  It needs work.  Lots of work.  I know what you're thinking and yes, it is an old Pizza Hut.  Sans the "mowhawk."  There's going to be lots and lots of renovation before doors open for business in November'ish.  The newest Comfort Dental in the Seattle area.

And lastly, look what my mom sent me!  My favorite sugar bowl!!!  I told her that it's what I wanted when she passes away (in a hundred years).  But she surprised me and gave it to me for Mother's Day along with a sweet short story she wrote (and compiled) about the sugar bowl's history in the Nichols family.  Eating cereal is soooooooooo much better now!  Thanks Momma!

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