Monday, March 16, 2015

"Duh Moinz"

As previously mentioned, we've moved.  We live in Seattle, Washington now.  Which, really isn't Seattle but a suburb south called Des Moines.  Except the locals don't call it Des Moines, the way the locals in Iowa call it.  Here you pronounce the "s" a "z."  Believe me, it's not my first choice in Seattle suburbs.  Wait, wait, wait...I promise I'm not going to list all the things I dislike about my new neighborhood.  I'm just saying, it was choice number one.  But (!) I truly feel like this little city is an answer to our prayers and the exact place we need to be at this time in our life.  

Some features we benefit from include: a short work commute for Wyatt, living very close to Puget Sound (which makes for excellent runs), views of Mt. Rainer from our kitchen window, close proximity to the airport (I love, LOVE watching the planes land/take-off), and a house rental with a garage, washer/dryer, and a yard (!).  And of course, all the benefits of living in close proximity to the city.  We have an aquarium membership...yay!

There have been growing pains for sure.  The stress of a new job is never fun.  Especially when the new job is your own business.  Wyatt's been carrying the brunt of that load.  And then the whole leaving friends/family behind - not knowing anyone.  (Which, we've actually been more social here then we were down south.  Maybe it has to do with our very small ward that has only three other families like ours.)  And finding a grocery store that I like!  I'm still working on that one.  And a few others.  

However, Roosevelt didn't miss a beat.  It's like he's lived here his whole life...his whole 18-month life.  Ha!  Truly, though.  From the day we moved in, he never looked-back.  I thought for sure there might be some adjusting.  What a good kid.  

So, without further babbling on my part (I'm looking at the clock, I'm tired!), here is our new life in pictures:
The drive north.  Just Nuper, Wyatt's pickup, and me.  
And...a bag of donuts.

Dinner with Granddad and Goombaw before they 
turned around and returned home to Oregon

Early morning view from our back deck.  
That tiny dot is a plane!

Our maiden voyage to the locals.  
Yeah, that's the Space Needle hiding in the fog.  
I'm so glad this wasn't a predictor of our future life in Seattle.  

Ro's first haircut.  Good'ish job me!

First official visit from Granddad and Goombaw

First official visit from Ma' G and Pa' Lou

Hopp'n on that bandwagon...

First official visit from Aunt Burgy

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Momma G said...

What a great way to chronicle your life! In pictures--instantly. Not like boxes of slides down the basement that no one will ever view and see what a darling family I had!

I know--that last sounds a little jealous. It is. I want to see those pictures of long ago. This post mad me homesick for that!

And I have been to the "new place" and Brittany has made it a wonderful home for the Wilsons. It's just SEA is even more difficult to get to than PDX was.

Right now we are enjoying Britty and Ro in cold, snowy Colorado. Hello once again to Springtime in the Rockies!

Love, Momma