Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy Un-Birthday!!!

I have said more than once, if I could birth a baby at six-months-old, I would.  I love this age!  Pippa has mastered the skill of sitting-up.  Though, technically, she didn't fully master it until after the six-month mark.  This is a game changer.  Life seems so much easier with this little trick.  She can now sit in the grocery cart at the grocery store.  (Which actually adds a new dilemma, what do I do with Ro?  Costco is onto something with double-seat carts.)  I can sit her on the floor and she can play with her toys (sure wish we had carpet!).  She can more easily sit in my arms or on my hip.  And all while doing these things, she's got the cutest, sweetest little personality shining through.  This is the best age for babies!

Pippa and I had our first girls day.  Wyatt and Ro took a trip south to Oregon so Pippa and I stayed behind.  We had a lovely dinner together at Maggiano's, where I quickly learned that as pleasant company as Pippa was, dinner is more enjoyable with conversation.  Actually, in general, eating is more enjoyable in the company of others.  However, we had the grandest time getting a pedicure at the nail salon!  Pippa was the star of the show and everyone in the salon was swooning over how cute she is and how perfectly she behaved.  Such a sweet girl!

(red ball with blue polka dots...and the car wash we made)

Next-up was Father's Day.  We had a grand time celebrating our No.1 Man, Wyatt.  Festivities included a steak dinner and presents!  Ro picked-out Wyatt's new tie all by himself - a red tie with blue polka-dots.  I suspect it caught his eye since it matched his red ball...with blue polka dots. And a homemade garage shirt!  Yet to be totally made (I took a break making the screen after three failed attempts).  We sure love Wyatt and the great person he is.  I personally admire how tender and patient he is with our children.  Ro, specifically.  Instead of snapping and barking commands like I do, Wyatt will calmly work with Ro until whatever task is accomplished.  Be it bath, bed, teeth, eating, calm-down-time, whatever.  Wyatt truly knows how to parent with love.  So much so that I constantly remind myself to "do what Wyatt does."  It's no wonder Wyatt is Ro's favorite.

Wyatt had a motorcycle trip planned with his dad and brother, so the kids and I jetted-off to Colorado to hang with the Nichols.  It was a fun trip!  As always.  We didn't venture far from my mom's house since she has her own little oasis in her backyard.  Kid pool and all!  And of course, the bigger neighborhood pool a couple blocks away.  Which, we hardly made it to since Ro never seemed to be in the mood.  While at Ma' G and Pa' Lou's house, Ro was spoiled rotten!  Ma' G bought him a brand new sleeping bag all for his own!  This was after he had his eye on the pile down in the basement (the cousins' sleeping bags).  Ro still really likes sleeping bags...and I'm still scratching my head.  When his older cousins Orion and Briggs came to spend a night, Ro asked, "Do you want to play sleeping bags?"  Of course the two were confused on what exactly that entailed.  It's just a matter of lounging, rolling, getting in/out of them.  Not much to it.  

Also while there, Pa' Lou took Ro to the movies to see Finding Dori.  (During which Ma' G, Pippa, and I got our nails painted.  Pippa was a good sport and didn't complain until the very end when she started to get fussy.  There were many impressed spectators.  Yeah, she's just that good.)  Judy and the girls came for a fun afternoon in the backyard.  They brought their new dog, Pocket.  A tiny little dog that can fit in your...pocket.  Ro was scared of her.  Haha!  We also ventured to the local Greeley Stampeed to spectate our first rodeo.  Brice, Judy, and the girls joined in on the fun.  We didn't quite make it to the rodeo events since we got caught-up at the carnival rides.  Every time is a good time with Uncle Brice!  All the big people were disappointed that Ro was too short to go on many of the rides.  Ro didn't seem to notice since he was pretty excited he could go on all the rides he was tall enough for.  Phew!  

We also went to dinner with Grandpa Ross.  I warned my dad that we would be eating dinner during Pippa's fussy time of day - bedtime.  But he didn't quite grasp what I was saying until we were at dinner.  And let me just say, compared to other babies, Pippa was a dream.  But compared to Pippa, she was fussy.  At which point my dad says, "Is she hungry?" "No, Dad.  She's tired."  "Maybe she's should give her some food.  A tortilla chip."  Um, no.  That's not a good idea...even if she was hungry.  I'm amused that my dad had six kids.  And that he's forgotten so much.  Or maybe he hasn't?  Maybe he used to feed us tortilla chips when we were babies?

Of course Pippa was the apple of everyone's eye.  She received lots of hugs, kisses, and squeezes.  Oh, and donuts from Judy!  It was a fun trip!  So much so that we're returning for another visit Labor Day weekend.  When I told Ro, he jumped on the bed and yelled, "Yay! Yay! Yay!"  His sentiments resonated with Pippa and me.  We're all excited to go to Ma' G's house!  

I'm certain there was more to Pippa's six-month in life.  I've just forgotten so much.  Thank goodness I write in my personal journal regularly!  I'd lose my whole life if I didn't!  

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Momma G said...

Hello all!
I can't believe what a crappy grandparent I am--missed this whole blog totally. Is it because my Primary job keeps me busy about 95% of the time I am not at work? Could it be that since I don't write the Newsletter any more that I am hardly at the computer? Maybe it is because even though I have a tablet and could use it for this kind of stuff in my hotel room, I am always too tired to care by the time I shut and click my room lock and lots of times only take off my uniform and hang it up before I fall into bed thinking to myself that I will do something in the morning. I don't even walk any more on my layovers.

Just know I totally enjoyed this post--and the two that follow it. I read them all tonight and had such a good time seeing all these pictures and filling in the blanks of my mind about what you all do when you are going about your every day stuff.

Love, Ma'G