Sunday, May 11, 2008

Exit 20's - Enter 30's

Wyatt is 30 today. That is if you're reading this post on May 12, 2008. So in honor of his birthday I've decided to share 10 things about Wyatt that you may or may not have already know. Here goes...

He was born in Portland, Oregon and was raised in Oregon City, a southwest suburb. He lived there until he went off to college at the age of 18. After that...

9. He lived in 8 different states/places. Below is a list of his schedule of destinations:
August 1996 - April 1997: Rexburg, Idaho
April 1997 - September 1999: New York City, New York
September 1999 - February 2000: Oregon
February 2000 - April 2000: Rexburg, Idaho
April 2000 - June 2008: Oregon
June 2008 - July 2000: St. John/Tortola, Virgin Islands
July 2000 - August 2000: Oregon
August 2000 - August 2001: Laie, Hawaii
August 2001 - January 2003: Seattle, Washington
January 2003 - January 2005: Provo, Utah
(April 2005 - August 2005: Alaska)
January 2005 - June 2005: Laie, Hawaii
June 2005 - September 2005: Seattle, Washington
September 2005 - May 2006: Chicago, Illinois
May 2006 - Present: Oregon

Sometime you'll have to get all the stories behind each destination...and see which was his favorite.

8. He has attended ALL three BYU's: BYU-Idaho (when it was Ricks College), BYU-Hawaii and BYU Provo. Guess which one was his favorite...

7. He plays the guitar. He started playing when he was 12 and has been playing ever since. He'll never admit that he's good...but I'm his wife so I can brag. He is good. Several times I've heard him hear a song/tune and pick up his guitar and be able to play the same exact song/tune without any music. The thing is he hates playing in front of people (that goes along with hating speaking in front of people). To hear him play come to our house - you're guaranteed to hear him play then.

6. He's very handy and can fix just about anything - from cars to vacuums to drains to computers. One of my favorite stories about Wyatt is when he was living in Hawaii. He fixed the starter on his brothers car by wiring a doorbell to the starter. From that point on his brother just had to push the doorbell and the car started - without having to turn the key.

5. He's creative. I'm not creative enough to be able to elaborate on this. I just know that everyone comments on the cool copper pipe wall sculpture we have hanging on our wall.

4. He's a great cook! It goes back to the whole creative bit. I have to plan out each detail of our meals. Wyatt just looks in the cupboards and the outcome is a delightfully tasty dinner. He's not afraid to try new combinations and put odd-ins together.

3. He LOVES motorcycles! When I met him he owned three. Now he owns one but still checks craigslist everyday to see what new moto's have been posted.

2. He loves the English language and is always striving to broaden his vocabulary, learn meanings to new words and improve his grammar. He does a great job of it too. Sometimes he even tries to get his stubborn wife to improve the way she speaks... :)

1. He's addicted to online shopping. Thank goodness he's not addicted to buying! If you see him fiddling on his computer at home you can bet he is perusing around on craigslist, steep and cheap, fatwallet, amazon or whatever online motorcycle shop is having a sale. I must admit we have got some great deals from his addiction.



Jeanna said...

May I be the first commenter to say, "Happy Birthday Wyatt!" I hope your day is sunny, fun, and may you find the sweetest deal of your life on Craigslist.

Tysha & Jacob said...

Happy Birthday, Wyatt, and welcome to the 30s! (I'm finding out it's not so bad after all - I mean, if 40 is the new 30...)

Collette said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt. Hope you have a great day. Maybe one day we'll meet.

propane said...

Happy Birthday, Wyatt.

Josette said...

happy birthday wyatt! 30 isn't terdy,'s dope

Tysha & Jacob said...

How embarrassing! (Not the birthday part) I just noticed on our links I had you as Tiffany instead of Brittany! Weird. Must've been one of those days when I typed it in - I'm fully blaming that one on "pregnancy brain!" I fixed it now!

hyker said...

Welcome to life as a thirty-something. It's not so bad...better than the 20's. Happy belated b-day.