Thursday, February 12, 2009

Six-Word Memoirs: The Valentine's Day Edition

I was listening to “Talk of the Nation” on NPR yesterday and the topic of discussion was “Six-Word Memoirs: The Valentine’s Day Edition”. The challenge was given to sum up your love life in exactly six words. It was thoroughly entertaining to hear the creativity of the many memoirs submitted by all the callers and emailers. Although I did enjoy the happy stories more than the memoirs that told the story of unsuccessful love (even though the sad ones were just as creative as the happy ones).

I decided to take the challenge myself and create my own six-word love life memoir. Who knew that writing six words could be so much fun?! As it turns out a good portion of my day was occupied by creating several six-word love memoirs. Here is a small sample of some of the memoirs I created – all dedicated to my favorite person, Wyatt.

I was cute. You were smart.

You fled. I followed. You surrendered.

She’s cute! She’s available? She’s crazy.

Glad I get you for eternity.

I dare you to write your own six-word love memoir. I bet you’ll be addicted too. If you want to read the hundreds of six-worded memoirs submitted to the show – or even listen to the show, click on this link. Happy Valentine’s Day!


hyker said...

Love is lame. And it sucks.

Jeanna said...

Wow, Jeff- You are a real downer for someone who just changed his relationship status from "It's complicated," to "In a relationship."

Britty-I like this idea, and I will start composing my messages now and will be lucky enough to tell you in person what I come up with! :)

How about a dinner six word memoir....and a dessert one to boot.

Pizza. Tastes good. Costs too much.

Gaggies. Really? What did I do?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh! My first reaction was "Britty stumbled onto this just before she got the Newsletter, now she will see she wasn't the only one to try this out." WRONG!

Several weeks ago on the plane, I read a review of the book which started all this "six-word descriptions of love".
I actually spent several hours while strapped in on the jumpseat fiddling with words and feelings. I wrote several of my own and was going to put them into the Newsletter last month since it was about Ross and me. I forgot all about them until I read this blog. Now I am stumped as to what I did with them.

And, since I just cleaned off the top of my computer desk and don't remember seeing them. I must have thrown them out. I am crushed! All that thought...and nothing to show for it or to share. Boo Hoo.

Hope you are having a wonderful LOVE-ly weekend with the Utah Nichols.


PS I am supposed to be putting my RS lesson for tomorrow onto paper. I opted NOT to go to the Valentine Dance at the stake center. by the time I got home from Philly, it was frigid, snowing, and I was shot. Dinner with Louis and a night in sounded better.

Anonymous said...

Okay.... NOW I can begin my lesson. I found my "Six-word memoirs of love" in a file--IN MY COMPUTER of all places. I actually saved it somewhere where it wouldn't get lost--and it did.

So, look for it in the February issue of the Newsletter.

Love again,

hyker said...

I think I must have scared everyone off by being my cynical self......sorry. Maybe I should think of some nice happy uplifting stuff.

hyker said...
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