Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'd venture to say that most people don't like death. On the contrary, I like death. Hear me out before you think I'm some morbid person... I was thinking today how death brings out the best in people. It brings out the best qualities in the deceased by reminiscing on all of their positive attributes and accomplishments. And it brings out the best in the living by allowing them to reflect on the happy memories of the person that passed away. Think about it, when have you ever been to a funeral where the eulogy was a laundry list of unfavorable stories?

I was pleased to hear nothing but kind remarks about Michael Jackson today. Despite his shady background and questionable actions, people were able to overlook his imperfections and see him as a good person.

I hope that when people die they have the opportunity to eavesdrop on earth and hear all the good things people say about them. I think sometimes people don't hear it enough while they're living.

On a different note, I am LOVING summer! I spent the longest day of the year (aka the first day of summer) playing baseball with Wyatt's family until it was too dark to see. I can't think of a better way to start the summer off. Other summer treats I have been enjoying are: s'mores, corn on the cob, shorts, sunglasses, flip-flops, windows rolled down, more bicycle riding, light until 9pm, and so on. I am so happy it's finally here!


Anonymous said...

Good comments about death, Britty.

Sometimes our first reaction to the death of someone like Michael Jackson or Johns Belushi or other people who used/abused drugs and succumbed to the results of that behavior is one of "Well, what did they expect." I stopped myself from doing that by remembering he was a son, a brother, and an uncle to people who knew him well, and loved him in spite of his shortcomings. They are mourning their loss, and knowing a little about that myself this is a difficult time, at best.

So, bring on all the good comments about him, his talent, and his accomplishments. He deserves the best people can remember about him at this time.

It's what we will hope for ourselves some day.

Love, Momma

Jeanna said...

Agreed! I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan, but he was one of "my" guys. Someone who entertained me when I was growing up. He was the Elvis of my teenage years, believe it or not.

And his poor, poor children.

As for summer: Bring it on!!!

P.S. Did you get my request for lemon surprise cupcakes? I would prefer those I would H. What do you think?

AJ said...

so true. my little ole granny can't wait to kick the can. "I have lived a good life. I want to be with Von again." I will be so happy when granny and grampa get to be reunited.

I get to see you real SOON!