Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sesame Street turns 40!

Has anyone else enjoyed the Sesame Street Google Doodles as much as I have this past week? My most favorite is Cookie Monster, and Oscar, and Count Dracula, and Bert and Ernie, and Big Bird, and... Yeah, I still might have a lot of growing up to do.


Anonymous said...

I heard about SS's 40th b-day early, early this morning on the way to Curves. I was surprised it started just after Harold was born, though we didn't turn it on at our house until he was two. Also heard this morning about the Google characters--haven't seen them. Truthfully I really liked the original few characters and Luis and Susan and some of the others--before they got politically correct and sometimes downright stupid. I'm glad my kids had that to watch (as of course I was right there watching it with them) instead of that purple dinosaur and some of the other stuff that has followed.

Sometimes I still repeat the bit about "cooperation/Shirley", even on the plane when we have to get people to juggle the seating arrangement. And one song while a little girl is swinging up high is a real stand-out with me.

And, creative kids that you were, you played off the counting scenarios repeating them, modifying them, etc. whatever to fit FHE lessons, funny situations, and just plain dinner table talk.

We even took you to "Sesame Street" in Albany NY.

Happy Birthday, SS!

Jeff said...

I love SS! It was the only show that I was allowed to watch during the day when I was a kid. My faves were Grover, Ernie, Oscar and Cookie Monster. In fact I still have about 4 SS albums featuring songs from the show! Good times!