Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trunk or Treat 3.0

Here it is. The moment everyone has been waiting for! Okay, that's not entirely true. I'm pretty sure that everyone, besides Wyatt and me, couldn't care less about what we dressed Wyatt's truck as for Trunk or Treat this year. Even so, I'm going to share our hard work with the world. (This is what happens when two people don't have any kids or pets to dress for Halloween.)

Clearly Wyatt was too exhausted from decorating his truck with a giant (homemade) octopus, he couldn't muster the energy to dress-up himself. I was a lone scuba diver that night...navigating the sea alone.

I jetted off to Utah the next morning for a long weekend of visiting friends and family. I helped my brother Harold and his lady friend (aka: wife) Jeanna ring-in their 4th decade in life. That's right, my oldest brother is 40! Yikes! :)

"40 Sucks"

If I look as good as these two do when I'm 40, I'll be ecstatic!

Jeanna's birthday was on Halloween so we spent the entire day celebrating! She made sure that every trick-or-treater over the age of 12 that graced her doorstep sang Happy Birthday to her. She is a smart lady.

We also carved pumpkins. I have to give a shout out to my creative niece and nephew. Their pumpkins are the Reese's and "burning sun" pumpkins. Compare their talent to my simple smiley face. And to think I stared at my blank pumpkin for a good 15-minutes before I came up with that one. I'm pathetic.

And if you're super observant, you'll notice something different about me...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I have been waiting for this post for days. I know you have been busy with the cookie project for YW, so I am glad you were able to dash this off for your admiring fans.

No mention if you won the Trunk or Treat. I thought your entry was a real fantasy of the sea, and worthy of first place. What did the judges think?

Don't worry about the 40th b-day for you. You have 13 years to age, and believe me you will. One day at a time. Just like we all did.

Love, Momma

Josette said...

it's so cute brit! not too short at are still in the category of "long hair". in fact if i had to describe you to someone it would certainly include: you know, the girl with long curly hair.

Phoebe said...

Love the haircut!

I am still mad that I missed your pimped out truck at Trunk or Treat- the likes of which I will never be able to compete with!

Mel said...

I like the smiley face! And the new haircut! Love the pictures of the truck. You guys rock!

Kelsey said...

Oh my word. That is AMAZING. We don't know if we can invite you to our party next year if it conflicts with your ward trunk-or-treat. You guys are true Halloween lovers, and I love you for that.

Collette said...

Love the truck's costume. You guys are awesome. I'll come to you next year for ideas for our trunk. Apparently its a big deal around here, too.
Your weekend in Utah looks like fun as well.

Jeanna said...

Wow, I really thought those porch pics were going to age me in a horrible way...but dang I look good! :) (and H. looks rockin' at the table....thanks, B for using the right camera lens!)

Hey, did you get your hair cut? (I crack myself up!)

Jeanna said...

Yes, retaking that picture was worth it for me. Thanks for posting the better pic!

(Ok, how did I make this post all about me?)

AJ said...

You cut off a lot of hair!! What a fun trip that looks like.
Ok, seriously you guys are incredible. How in the world did you make that octopus??? What a crazy cool idea.

Abbie said...

I thought about you guys on Halloween. You're way more of a go getter than I am. We didn't wear costumes and Ella didn't want to wear hers either. You all look great!

Hansen Family said...

What a cool Aunt you are!! My kids would have loved the octopus. You guys are awesome!!!